Why Appeagle Became Informed.co

As a company, we’ve always admired and relied on certain brands for inspiration. The major thing they all had in common was the ability to clearly and confidently convey their core values and aspirations.

Real talk: we were jealous.

The Appeagle brand wasn’t really making a clear statement about the kind of impact we wanted to have on the eCommerce world. It didn’t give potential customers any information about what we do and what to expect from us, and it didn’t tell our current users anything about the journey we wanted to take together.

We’ve realized over the years that our mission is much bigger than merely solving the pricing automation problem for online sellers, and so Informed.co is the first step towards better aligning our brand with our long-term product vision.

The Appeagle Team has always admired our customers’ ambition for pursuing paths to growth, and so we’ve committed ourselves to building a more complete platform that unleashes the power of Seller Analytics to help online merchants like you find more opportunities to grow.

When you access our new platform, you’ll immediately notice a fresh new look and feel to our existing software, but you’ll still have access to the advanced repricing strategies you are accustomed to.

Simply put, we’ve made the price management experience better for you.

Further down the road, we’ll be adding more insightful reports, summarized by insights and recommendations that can be understood and acted upon quickly.

We believe that we can eliminate the guesswork from growing an online business by delivering the right information to our customers in a timely way that doesn’t disrupt their day-to-day operations. That means real suggestions and seamless integrations with your existing tools, not just some pretty charts and nagging notifications.

We couldn’t be more excited to get to work. With a fresh new look and an unstoppable dedication to help online sellers make more money, the Informed.co team is ready to make a bigger impact than ever before on the way you run your eCommerce enterprise.

Be sure to drop us a line and tell us what we can do to help you grow your business. We’ll read and respond to all of your feedback as we look to make this transition as successful as possible.