InfoSec Weekly Update #29

2nd Week May 2017

Highlight of this week Security news is Windows MsMpEng exploit that discovered by Chromium developers. Attack kill chain of ransomware and data breach is getting advanced and evolved. Threat intelligence and IR becomes a critical component for every enterprise & government sector to avoid these huge damage and loss.

News, Threats and Attacks

Fatboy new Russian Ransomware

SS7 Attack

SS7 overview

Data leak from French Election

Windows Defender RCE flaw

More Windows Exploits…

Update on analysis report of Google Doc phishing attack

Methods & Tools

Portnox NAC

Tips for finding the right cybersecurity tools

Cloud Defender includes supervised machine learning and expanded anomaly detection

Reports and Evaluations

Netrpser Trojan Analysis [Bitdefender]

Browser-stored passwords make it easy for hackers to get inside your network

Privacy concern of Tor browser?

Flickr Authorization bypass

Enterprise security awareness is in positive side

Just For Fun