Autonomous vehicles vs. buildings

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Top of mind lately is our perception of sexy and how that can overcome or succumb to the realities of the real world.

Especially regarding autonomous vehicles.

Today we love them. They respond to the dynamic world, following ascribed patterns and learning from the unexpected realms they navigate. These vehicles challenge our perception and legacy notions of infrastructure.

And yet — where do we take autonomous vehicles? From building to building. Buildings that are not autonomous.

Building >> Autonomous Vehicle >> Building

Behold the vehicle: dynamic on the outside, well controlled — even static — within. On the flip side, buildings are static on the outside yet dynamic within. With buildings the core is set, it’s the insides that glow with spatial and temporal movement.

Why have outward-facing autonomous vehicles dictated our attention, but inward-facing autonomous buildings have failed to capture our imaginations?

Buildings are more complex, more interesting. And therefore more difficult.

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