VR and dancing math into place

Recommended speaker

Last weekend I did a very San Francisco thing. I went to the SF Film Festival turned Creativity Summit turned lecture about VR. With invited guest Jaron Lanier.

Favorite quotes:

“You don’t realize how habitual your perception is until you can challenge it.”
“ In the future we’ll be dancing math into place.”
Calvin & Hobbes, Source

Talk: SFFilm Creativity Summit with Jaron Lanier

Link: https://www.sffilm.org/2018-sffilm-festival/festival-calendar/creativity-summit-jaron-lanier-in-conversation


“We’ll be dancing math into place”… how?
—Haptic feedback
— Whole body interaction
— Our perception of which modality to choose will be different, in the future it will be more variable

For more, see: “Embodiment in the physical world is flexible

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