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InfStones Newsletter — September

InfStones Partners with Neo Network to Provide Public API Service on Neo N3

Neo is an open-source community-driven blockchain platform. It is the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building decentralized applications. Neo N3 is Neo’s 3.0 update, designed to provide unparalleled performance, security, and most importantly, optimized interoperability. InfStones, as a trusted partner, has integrated Neo N3 into its unified infrastructure platform and will now provide users with public data service in Neo N3 ecosystem. All users can create their own Neo API on the InfStones platform and access Neo N3 on-chain data in a much faster and more convenient way.

NEO Official Website

InfStones Joins Rizon Network as Genesis Validator

Rizon Blockchain is a digital currency & asset hub that provides a platform where fiat currencies around the world can be securely issued and enable businesses to interoperate with each other. Rizon mainnet TITAN has proposed the genesis block-making, the first step to the official launch of the network on September 28th. InfStones joins the Rizon network as one of the genesis validators to provide trusted validator and staking services to its community. We will contribute to maintaining a strong validator ecosystem to ensure network security and stability.

Rizon Official Website

Ellipal Launches In-Wallet Staking using InfStones’s Infrastructure

ELLIPAL Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong and is a blockchain technology company focused on cryptocurrency safety and blockchain service facilities. ELLIPAL’s mission is to link every individual safely and conveniently to the blockchain, providing users with one-stop secure cryptocurrency management services on mobile. InfStones will now provide professional staking service to ELLIPAL wallet. Its users can stake ADA, ATOM, XTZ to InfStones validator nodes directly in their mobile wallet to earn stable staking rewards.

Ellipal Official Website

Current Yields of Different Staking Tokens

About InfStones

Founded in 2018 with offices across three countries and two continents, InfStones is the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider. The company’s core team is composed of senior engineers and business leaders from well-known tech and financial companies across the world.

InfStones is dedicated to bringing down the barriers to connecting with the blockchain, allowing clients to quickly build their applications on a large variety of blockchain networks. Currently, InfStones provides services to institutional clients around the globe, supporting tens of thousands of nodes on more than 50 major blockchains.

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Decentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform. Fueling blockchain, infinitely.

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Decentralized blockchain infrastructure on one integrated platform. Fueling blockchain, infinitely.

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