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Nebulas Delegation Tutorial

Focus on on-chain data, interactions, and collaboration, Nebulas is an Autonomous Metanet built decentralized collaboration with smart assets. Deployed with the Proof of Devotion Mechanism (PoD) and a collaboration platform (, users are able to access decentralized staking on Nebulas. Committed to promoting research, innovation and the technological concept of autonomous metanet, Nebulas is creating a new world of decentralized collaboration through advanced technology.

Collaborating with Nebulas, InfStones provides the users the edge-bleeding way to dStake on Nebulas. Follow these steps and start getting your rewards.

Step 1 Download and install NasExtWallet

Click on this link to download the browser extension wallet for voting. Click “Add to Chrome” to download.

Click on “Add extension” to install the wallet.

Wait for a few seconds, when you are navigated to this page, it means the installation has been done.

Click on this button on the upper right of your Chrome browser, then click on “NasExtWallet” to give an extension access to the wallet.

Step 2 Create or import a wallet

After installing the NasExtWallet, click here to open up your wallet on Chrome.

You are now in your NasExtWallet, click on “New-Wallet” or “SELECT WALLET FILE” to create or import your account.

Remember always to keep your key in mind and save the key file properly.

Step 3 Delegating for InfStones

Click the link to start delegating. Click on the button “Vote to support this node” to delegate.

Type in the amount of tokens you want to delegate, then click “open the Extension” to submit the vote via the Chrome Extension.

Notice: You can only vote by NAX instead of NAS

Click on “Confirm” to approve the vote.

A new page will be brought up after confirmation. Click on “Submit” to continue.

After the vote is submitted, wait for the countdown shown by “Refresh”. When the countdown is done, the TxReceipt Status will turn to “success” (In some circumstances, the transaction status is still pending after the countdown is over, and this is normal. Please wait for the next countdown to end until the transaction is successful), now click on “Close” to leave this page. Congratulations, you have successfully voted on Nebulas!

Step 4 Confirm

After finishing the vote, navigate to this link to check the status of your votes. Pull the page to the bottom, click on “Current Votes” to check your own votes.

Step 5 Undelegate

If you want to undelegate your votes, navigate to this link. Type in your address, then click ENTER to search.

All of your votes will be shown here on this page, click “Cancel Vote” to undelegated.

Type in the amount of votes you want to undelegate, then click on “open the Extension” to continue, the following steps are exactly the same as voting.

Notice: After you broadcast your vote canceling transaction, your funds won’t return to your account immediately. You must go back to this page again after five days to withdraw your funds.

Step 6 Withdraw

To withdraw your rewards, click on “Awaiting withdrawal NAX” table, then click on “Begin withdraw”.

The following steps are exactly the same with Step 4 and Step 5.

If you have any questions during the staking process, please feel free to reach out to us using our social media channels as below

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About InfStones

Founded in 2018 with offices across three countries and two continents, InfStones is the world’s leading blockchain infrastructure provider. The company’s core team is composed of senior engineers and business leaders from well-known tech and financial companies across the world.

InfStones is dedicated to bringing down the barriers to connecting with the blockchain, allowing clients to quickly build their applications on a large variety of blockchain networks. Currently, InfStones provides services to institutional clients around the globe, supporting tens of thousands of nodes on more than 50 major blockchains.



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