Building a Tech-savvy, Remote-friendly Company (2018)

Photo from the desk in Or Book Store, Hsinchu County

When we started InfuseAI, we aimed to build a remote-friendly company from day one. Currently our colleagues still meet in downtown Taipei once a week. For the rest of time, we work wherever we want.

With these tools and services, we work remotely easier and even happier.


Yes, we use Slack every day, and I think there’s no need to say how great Slack is. We connected all of our systems to it, including the support help desk, monitoring services and more. Our team members also use Slack call + tmate to work together if they’d prefer to.


We use Standuply to run daily standup and bi-weekly retrospectives. There are also Slack reminders for our people to join Google Meet at 10:00 every workday.

Standuply and Slackbot reminder


GitLab is for our internal repositories and issue tracking. We use GitLab CI/CD heavily and also use GitLab board to discuss work priorities and updates.


We use Notion (referral link: You get $10 credits to get started) for internal documents like product documents and roadmaps, meeting notes, member handbooks, CRM, fundraising and reimbursement.

Notion has powerful features including a simple database with different views (table, calendar, list), page templates and boards like Trello. Best of all, it keeps evolving.

Google Suites & Docs

Google Docs are used for formal documents like business contracts, sales slides, purchase orders and financial sheets, among others.

Some of our formal documents are in Chinese, but Google Docs doesn’t handle Chinese character rendering very well, especially when we try to make hard copies; so we still need Microsoft Offices or other desktop apps for printing.


We use AttendanceBot for daily “virtual card punching” in order to comply with the Employment & Labor Law in Taiwan and it works great for off-time management as well. We highly recommend this elegant, well-designed solution for time-tracking purposes.

our #punchcard channel
It is easy to check your personal timesheet


What kinds of tools work well for your remote working environment? We are still surveying tools like collaboration whiteboard, voting and other automation services and would like to learn from your best practices. Let’s chat!

About InfuseAI

Founded in 2018, InfuseAI builds high-quality software and services to help people work smarter and happier. PrimeHub, our first product, provides ready-to-use research and training environment for data scientists. Backed by our on-premise and mixed cloud solutions, we help achieving successful AI/ML adoption across industries.