Realizing Edge AI with PrimeHub MLOps and Intel® OpenVINO™

Oct 7 · 2 min read
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InfuseAI is honored to join the Intel AI ISV Program. InfuseAI’s PrimeHub MLOps platform integrates Intel OpenVINO to help AI model optimization and high-performance edge AI inference applications.

PrimeHub is an open-source MLOps platform to streamline the end-to-end ML workflow, including data gathering, data labeling, model training, model management, and model deployment.

PrimeHub integrates Intel OpenVINO to help data scientists optimize and verify models in the workflow. Moreover, model management help to select the best model to deploy it as a service endpoint or deliver it to edge devices. By leveraging Intel OpenVINO and Intel processors, efficient and accurate inference is easily integrated with productions.


Read the blog posts showcasing how we use Intel OpenVINO with PrimeHub:

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