Call to action for CIOs and CTOs — use your laptop refresh #laptopsforkids

Mark Cheverton
Jan 11 · 1 min read

Every year businesses across the UK refresh huge numbers of laptops for their employees. I’m calling on CIOs and CTOs across those businesses to take the following actions:

1. If you have any end-of-life laptops hanging around, clean them up and give them away to your local schools.

2. Take this year’s laptop refresh budget, buy the laptops now, and loan them to any employee’s children who need them.

3. If you have any laptops left from #2 then don’t wait, do the refresh now and give the old laptop to a school.

As our children once again face learning from home under lockdown, there’s been much said about the fact that many of them don’t have the necessary IT to participate in remote learning. This is not just a problem of disadvantaged households, it’s also a challenge for many families with multiple children who share IT.

At Redgate we think by doing the above will get at least 50 laptops out to kids who really need them. If every CIO and CTO across the country did the same, we’d make a significant difference. You would make a difference.

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