Dependency Injection in SQL Monitor

Michael Clark
Jan 9, 2019 · 7 min read
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It’s faster to add new components

It’s faster to fix problems

It’s easier to understand SQL Monitor’s startup

We tested the “untestable”

Example — Improving backup tests

public void GetMaxRpoByDatabase_WhenOneBackupInWindowAndOneOutsideAndLatestBackupHasWorstRpo_ThenUseLatestBackupFinish()
var now = new DateTime(2018, 02, 10);
var windowStartDate = now.AddDays(-BackupsRepository.MaxRpoWindowLength);
var lastBackupFinished = windowStartDate.AddDays(1);
var maxRpoBaseQuery = $@"
SELECT 1 AS DatabaseId, utils.DateTimeToTicks('{lastBackupFinished:s}') AS FinishDate
SELECT 1 AS DatabaseId, utils.DateTimeToTicks('{windowStartDate.AddDays(-1):s}') AS FinishDate
var maxRpoByDatabase = GetMaxRpoByDatabase(now, maxRpoBaseQuery);
var result = maxRpoByDatabase.SingleOrDefault(r=>r.DatabaseId == 1);
Assert.That(result, Is.Not.Null);
Assert.That(result.From, Is.EqualTo(lastBackupFinished));
Assert.That(result.To, Is.EqualTo(now));
public void GetLatestByDatabase_WhenOnlyOneBackupAndInWindow_ThenMaxRpoShouldBeNowMinusBackupFinish()
var backupFinished = s_DateTime.AddDays(-BackupsRepository.MaxRpoWindowLength + 0.25);

var databaseBackupInfo = GetLatestByDatabase();
Assert.That(databaseBackupInfo.MaxRpoFrom, Is.EqualTo(backupFinished));
Assert.That(databaseBackupInfo.MaxRpoTo, Is.EqualTo(s_DateTime));

Recipe for DI-ing SQL Monitor

Things we learned

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