#FeatureWeek — #AYearInReview — Part 2

Ben Mancini
Dec 4, 2019 · 5 min read

Our second part of our #AYearInReview and today we’re covering the second quarter of 2019.

What was most on our mind in Q2?

  • Making really effective OKRs
  • How Product Design influences strategy and engineering
  • DDD courtesy of some help from Redgate friend Nick Tune

April 2019

At the start of April Redgater David discussed MVP but not in the sense you may know. Instead David talked about process and just how much is enough. A useful post for those starting out in a newly formed team. Dig into the detail here

It seems like the spring was all about airplanes as Redgater Matt got in on Jeff’s act of every blog post apparently having to talk about airplanes with his post about the A380 and what design can learn from its fate. Check it out here

OKRs have been a big part of how Redgate focused on outcomes over output prior to 2019, that approach continued this year and Quality Coach Gareth shared a post about how to get value from key results here, invaluable to those setting out on an approach of adopting OKRs

Matt was back with another post on how Product Designers were focused on defining successful customers in this helpful post for anyone seeking to better understand what makes a customer successful using your products. Read all about it here

Anyone who works in agile software development has probably used a post-it note before. But did you know how to write a really effective post-it? Redgater Mikiel gave us all some helpful tips in this post here

Ending the month on a light-humoured note (But with a very important message in here as well) Redgater Mark posed the question of how many programmers it takes to turn on a light bulb. Read more here

May 2019

Redgater Ibrahim kicked off the month by sharing a post on how to get started with Kubernetes, one of our highest viewed posts of the year. Containers have become a big part of software development this year. In his post here, Ibrahim shares some tips

Want to know what our internal conference Level Up is and why we do it. Then check out this post we shared with a short video giving all the deets here

As well as being a top notch Quality Coach and all round general nice guy, Redgater Chris G is a dab-hand with a soldering iron. Read this post to find out how a flashing green/red beacon (Giving the sobriquet ‘Beacon of death/hope — depending on the teams mood) built by Chris enabled teams to have a shortened feedback loop on broken builds. Check it here

We do a lot of exploratory testing sessions here, but how would you run an exploratory UX testing session? Let Product Designer Neil tell all in this post right here

We also encourage a lot (And we mean a lot) of collaborative working practices here. In this post Technical Lead Maya shares her tips for effective pair programming here

Redgater Mikiel picked up a personal development project in May around the implementation of the Paxos algorithm. Find out how he got on and what he learned here

Jeff grew tired on sharing posts about planes in May and moved onto DDD. In this post he shared some of the tools he studied in a course on DDD by Vaughn Vernon. Read about it here. He then followed up on this post a few days later by putting this learning into practice in a post about how to translate this learning into real code. Check the link to his post here

DDD ended up being a theme for May after Vaughn headed to Redgate towers to run this course with Technical Lead David sharing his thoughts on the 3 day course here and Software Engineer Chen Chen telling all about context mapping in DDD in his post here

June 2019

The start of summer meant only one thing to our Medium contributors… Not sand castles and ice lollies, far more interesting was the work all our development teams started on moving all of our products to .Net standard. As part of this work Software Engineer John shared how the Orca team upgraded their test framework from NUnit2 to NUnit3. Well worth a read if you’re embarking on something similar here

Also in June we announced the ability for our followers to listen to Redgaters in stereo with the proud launch of our Ingeniously Simple podcast. Find out why we did it with Redgater Tom here

We blogged more in June on mob programming and Tech Lead David added a further post on the practice this month about mob programming by default. Some great tips and advice in this post here

Ever understand the ending to Lost? No, us neither. But it made a great title for Technical Lead Ally when he posted about trunk based development and how his team adopted it as a working practice. Read about what they learned here — sadly he couldn’t explain what that ending meant

One of the things we encourage teams to do here is share what they learn from their experiments, even if they don’t turn out the way we anticipated. Remember at the start of the year Quality Coach Gareth discussed adoption of zero bug policy as an experiment? In this post he shares what some of our teams learned from it here

How mature is your design function? Head of Design Matt shares why he thinks research is critical to an organisations design maturity. Read why here

This month we also launched our very first online #FeatureWeek helpfully loaded with top tips and advice from us on how to break into engineering and design roles. Read why here and then hear some advice about breaking into design roles here and here and some advice on becoming an engineer here

How Redgate build ingeniously simple products, from inception to delivery.

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