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Redgate Code Club 2.0

Back in March 2020 as schools in the UK closed, we started a weekly online code club for kids. 800 students and 1500 hours of learning later we finished up for the Summer…

This week our UK based staff headed back into lockdown, with our kids home from school again with us. So, it’s time for Code Club to return!

Starting Friday 15th January at 3:00 and continuing until they head back to the classroom, we’ll be back online making games, creating art, and working together as a group to learn a new skill.

We’ll be running three different classes:

  • Scratch for beginners. For kids (and their assigned grown up!) completely new to coding. We’ll start at the basics and go from there.
  • Intermediate Scratch. For those with some experience, or who did our beginner classes last year.
  • Python. A more advanced class where we’ll learn a text-based language. A good step up for the 2020 intermediate Scratch group, new activities for the 2020 Python group, or anybody that has done plenty of Scratch at school.

If you’d like an idea of what our previous sessions looked like you can find them on our Youtube channel, and you can read more about Code Club 1.0 in this blog post.

To sign up simply complete this form. Code Club is completely free of charge, all that’s required is a device with a web browser, Zoom, and a willingness to learn!

Feel free to share with your friends, the great thing about the online classroom is we have enough seats for everybody. We’re looking forward to seeing you all on the 15th!



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Tim Dalton

Tim Dalton


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