Saluting our Level Up speakers!

Level Up, Redgate’s internal development conference, is a celebration of what Redgaters can learn from each other. People throughout our organisation, and your organisation too, have valuable skills, techniques, knowledge and ideas that, if shared, can help their workmates develop and grow. This potential source of personal and organisational advancement can often go untapped, with people sitting within 10 metres of each other being unable or unaware of what valuable knowledge they could learn from their workmates.

Level Up 2019 was a platform for this interpersonal sharing of skills and knowledge, and an opportunity for people to build experience of sharing their stuff in a safe environment. The conference was 100% delivered by Redgaters and on the day we had almost forty brave Redgaters (39, fact fans) stand-up in front of their colleagues to present on subjects from Imposter Syndrome to Kubernetes, from early access programmes to being data-driven, from microservices to the evolution of software sales. Every single one of them did themselves and Redgate proud, and we salute them!

Here they are, all our ~forty speakers, in their presenting glory…

From top left: Adam, AlexT, Alicja, AndrewF, AndyR, me, ChrisH, ChrisL, Damon, Dave, DavidE, DavidL, Ian, JamesM, Jeff, Joel, Jon, Marie-France, MarkJ, MattG, MichaelC, Michelle, MikeU, Natalia, Neil, Onat, PeterG, Praveen, Ragan, RobC, SamB, SamS, Santiago, Simon, Spalton, Stan, Sybil, Tim and TomW. Thanks folks, you were brilliant!