4 tips any spontaneous applicant should keep in mind…

Isabel Verhelst
Sep 11, 2018 · 3 min read

School has started and the summer season is coming to an end. When I look at my mailbox, a lot of people have done some soul searching at the poolside. Over the last few days, I have been receiving an increased number of e-mails informing me that person X is open for new opportunities. But in the massive flood of messages, how can you make your spontaneous application stand out?

· Personalize your message

I still receive a lot of mails to ‘undisclosed recipients’ merely stating that you are open for a new opportunity. I enjoy getting the feeling that your e-mail is dedicated specifically to me (and yes, I am realistic enough to know that you have written the same e-mail to most of my competitors…but still…) and that starts with addressing me by my name.

· Pitch it

Some people put a lot of effort in writing a motivation letter, which they attach to the e-mail. Very often, I only notice after a few days that there is an additional attachment next to the cv.

Instead of spending time writing a formal letter, mention clearly in your e-mail what you are looking for and what you have to offer. I want to see, with a blink of an eye, whether your experience and expectations are relevant to one of my searches.

· Ditch the jargon

Are you an excellent team player with outstanding communication skills? Chances are that you are not the only one. Make sure that in your pitch, you describe those unique aspects of your personality that make you stand out.

· Dare to get out of your comfort zone

When you apply spontaneously with Ingenium Executive Search, you get an invite to record a short automated interview. It is surprising how very few people record the interview. Admitted, it feels uncomfortable but it will not only give me a more complete view of who you are. It will also show that you are willing to get out of comfort zone to get noticed.

Applying these tips will make sure that you get noticed as a candidate. However, you may have written the perfect pitch and recorded an automated interview that made you stand out but finding the right opportunity through a spontaneous application remains a matter of timing. To be able to help you find the right job opportunity, I need to have an assignment that matches your profile.

So far for my first blog of the season! I hope that you will continue to accompany me in the wonder world of a headhunter.

I look forward to hearing from you,


Through a personalized and tailor-made approach, Ingenium Executive Search aspires to assist you in attracting the right talent that matches the DNA of your company

Check out our website http://www.ingenium-search.be

Secrets of a headhunter

Secrets of a headhunter

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