Why GDPR is making me cross my fingers and hope for the best…

Isabel Verhelst
May 23, 2018 · 3 min read

This blog was supposed to be about the 4th key trait that would make you attractive to any employer but with May 25th in sight, I cannot pass by the burning issue of this week…the Global Data Protection Regulation. Beyond any doubt, your mailbox must also be flooded with request to confirm your contact details or updating you on the reviewed privacy policy.

As a headhunter, the privacy regulations are part of the core of our business. Let’s face it, video interviews, assessment results and salary info are very personal information so these last few months, I was bombarded not only with numerous webinars on the subject but also with providers claiming to have found that one solution that would fix my problem.

It soon dawned on me that there was only one solution to fix the problem: tedious administrative work to clean up not only my database but also all of the info stored somewhere on my computer or in my cloud. Not my idea of fun and not my forte either…

I bought a new applicant tracking system, that would automate the process and started digging into 7 years of candidate resumes, interview reports… It was only then that I started seeing the opportunity GDPR could have: it was a major refresh of all the candidates that I have met during the last years.

While I was uploading cv after cv, I remembered the interesting conversations that I had with many of you and it put a smile on my face. So maybe I should stop seeing GDPR as an administrative burden but as a structured way to keep in touch, at least once every 2 years when a renewed consent is required.

An official privacy policy, nicely published on the website, a fully cleaned computer memory and an up-to-date database later, I was ready to hit the ‘send’ button of my e-mails asking for formal consent. When I pushed the button, I kept my fingers crossed. After all, my hard work might be tossed in the bin as no response equals no consent. And no consent leads to pushing the anonymize button… so I keep checking my system, hoping that my message does not to end up in the junk folder or gets lost in the massive flood of GDPR e-mails.

Therefore… a call to action: if you have received an e-mail from me, asking you to stay connected, please open it and push the YES button to stay in touch (you can obviously also push NO but that means that all your records will disappear from my system).

If you didn’t receive an e-mail, that does not mean that you are not considered an interesting candidate or contact. It just means that your information was no longer up-to-date. So, feel free to register on the website…I have a portal that is especially made for the occasion :-).

Oh …. before I forget… I am not going to send you a separate e-mail asking you to reconfirm your subscription to this newsletter. A simple unsubscribe at the bottom of the page will be available at all times. Nevertheless, I hope that you will continue to read my secrets of a headhunter!

I look forward to hearing from you,


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Secrets of a headhunter

Secrets of a headhunter

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