Dev 101 Becoming a Web developer with GitHub — ICA FUPRE maiden Meetup

Before I start I will like to quote this popular saying which says "where there is a will there is a way". Organizing the first Ingressive meetup in my school was both tasking and fun. Choosing a theme for the program was quite challenging but I had to settle for Dev 101- Becoming a web developer because of the tech life in my school which is kind of new.

Another challenge I faced was getting participants to attend the event, which was scheduled to hold 2 days after second semester examination when most students will be literally seeing their home. This actually did not deter me from publicizing the meetup, knowing the challenges that I had to overcome, I had to form a team of about 5 FUPRE students (I believe FUPRE students are very good) including an alumni of FUPRE. I informed everyone about the goals and objective we need to achieve which led to me assigning a particular role to each of them. Nosa Ahanor, a member of the team was to speak on becoming a web developer (why and how to be a become a web developer), Akphewe was to speak on how website works, Ereyomi Oluwaseyi was to speak on building your website with HTML, Okeognene Umukoro was to speak on beautifying your website with CSS, Chidera Ugwuanyi on DOM manipulation using Javascript. Next was publicity, the publicity was very great.

Fast forward to the day of the event which was 8th of October 2018. The atmosphere was super charged for the biggest meetup event ever to take place in FUPRE which was the Ingressive Campus Ambassadors program.
At exactly 10 am, participants started trooping into the venue, by 10:35am, the FUPRE’s Ingressive campus ambassador, Ilekura Idowu Oselumhe, came on stage to welcome the participants. The first speaker for the day was Nosa Daniels, who spoke on becoming a web developer. He demystified what, who and how to become a web developer. He also expatiated on being a web developer, the first which is frontend, that is, those responsible for creating the layout, features and appearance of a website. The second, which is Back End(those that build the systems which allows the designs of front end developers to work)and the third, full stacks developers(those that are able to do both, They are equally skilled as front end and back end developers). 
For front end the knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Content management, Testing and debugging is needed and for back end the knowledge of PHP and PHP frameworks, Python, Ruby, SQL, content version system (CVS) is needed. Mr Nosa, however, spoke on some soft skills required like, advertising, marketing, accounting, logistics and customer experience which is hugely desirable. He lastly spoke on how the audience can find their first web development, which is by putting a portfolio site(something like about me page and put all links to works that you have done) and start networking.

Mr Nosa speaking on Becoming a Web developer

Mr Akphewe, a 400 level student of chemical engineering from Fupre, was the second speaker. He spoke on how website works and enlightened the audience on how Website are displayed and how they interact. For instance, the server receives the request for a page sent by your browser and the browser connects to the server through an IP Adress; the IP address is obtained by translating the domain name. In return, the server sends back the requested page.

Mr Akphewe speaking on how website works and also unleashing the fire on all participants

Third speaker was the HTML facilitator, Mr Ereyomi Oluwaseyi, who gave an overview on the full meaning of HTML which is "Hyper text markup language" and the basic syntax’s of HTML. It was a practical session( with little Talking) with a lot of fire , as participants had the opportunity to code along with him. He also stylishly touched some CSS part.

Mr Ereyomi demystifying HTML 🔥

The next speaker was Mr Okeoghene who explained how one can beautify a website with Cascading Style Sheets(CSS). He gave examples on how a website looks like with and without CSS. He furthered explained the three ways of adding CSS to an HTML file which are in line, external and internal. 
The session was a practical session with alot of fire.

Mr Okeoghene Umukoro speaking on beautifying your website with CSS

The next speaker was the Ingressive Campus Ambassador for Ozoro Polytechnic with the name Precious Iyeritufu (C# expert), who enlightened the participants on the meaning of .Net. (which is a software development platform), the flexibility of .Net, .Net supports C-sharp, F-sharp, visual basic and also the super speed of .Net. 
.Net is an open source yet a sought after job skill in the Tech industry.

Mr Precious, ICA Ozoro Polytechnic speaking on .Net

Next on stage was a Digital Marketer, who is also a member of Women tech makers (an arm of google aimed at Encouraging women to embrace tech and thrive ), Miss Queen, also gave a talk on the importance of developers,to embrace Digital marketing and the importance of digital marketing skills as a soft skill.

Miss Queen a member of women tech makers speaking on Digital marketing skills

Next speaker was the Ingressive Campus Ambassador for Niger Delta University with the name Ovie Timothy he enlightened the attendees about Ingressive, what Ingressive stands for and the importance of been a member of Ingressive Campus Ambassador. He also advised the participants on the need to be focused while learning any programing language. He warned against the common jack of all trades and master of none. He also advised attendees on the danger of jumping from one version of a particular language to another new version when they are not yet grounded in the older version. The key point is building on old knowledge while acquiring new knowledge.

ICA NDU giving his fatherly advice to all Participants

After this we had a little break where attendees were served Refreshment and had Opportunities to network with each other

After the break session the next speaker was an alumni of Fupre, Mr Chidera(React Expert) who had a practical sessions with the participants on DOM manipulation with JavaScript.
Beneficiaries of the event, were able to build a weight converter that converts from pounds to KG, grams and ounce.

The next speaker was the Google Developers Group Warri lead organizer, Mr Charles Freeborn, who talked about the importance of being part of a Tech community. He cleared some misconceptions by some people about tech communities. Misconceptions like, Tech communities are tutorial centre... He made the audience know that, the tech community is just a guide, where the basics of things are shared and people do their research themselves.

Before the code lab session(practical session) an important personality was rewarded. To encourage ladies to embrace tech, and also to reward the immerse support of miss Aghwotu Ediri towards the Meetup the Ingressive Campus Ambassador for FUPRE rewarded her with a free Ingressive Campus Ambassadors shirt. Also she was rewarded with 5kg free laundry service( washing only) by the CEO of purple wash( the first laundromat in Fupre). To increase the numbers of ladies in tech , the CEO of purple wash( Mr Marvelous Iheanacho Chigozirim) signed an agreement with the Ingressive Campus Ambassador to reward each lady that attends the Meetup with free 5kg of laundry service(washing only).

After this, a practical code lab session was held, where Mr Ereyomi walked the participants through the process of building a login page using HTML and styling with CSS. With what the participants learnt during the HTML and CSS session, the code lab session was kind of easy. The joy of actually coding and seeing the result can not be fathom, the participants really learnt a lot. 
Time was really against us so we had to close the code lab session. The participants could not hold back their joy as they had to express it with a round of applause just as Mr Ereyomi was about to leave the podium after the code lab session.

We learn by Collaborating with each other. Ediri Aghwotu helping an attendee who was experiencing some challenges with the code session.

Attendee coding live

Attendees listening with rapt attention

However, the Ingressive Campus Ambassador for FUPRE, Mr Idowu Ilekura, remarked that, the maiden FUPRE’s ingressive campus ambassadors meetup, has caused a massive tech revolution in the University and added that he was excited to be among those who orchestrated and brought the fire of technology down to the University. 
He furthered commended the community manager Mr Adewale Abati,those at Ingressive and Github, for their understanding and support towards the success of the event. Check out some of the speakers slides and more amazing photos from the Meetup

And it’s a wrap