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Apr 17 · 3 min read

Technology Hangout — Getting Started With Tech

"Community is much more than belonging to something; it’s about doing something together that makes belonging matter." — Brian Solis.

After previously hosting a Ten Men Tech Hangout 3 weeks ago, we saw the need for extending this hangout and not limiting it to selected few. So on Saturday, March 30th, 2019, we hosted another technology hangout with the aim of getting the student started with technology and getting student developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts to know themselves here in school.

Making the hangout worthwhile we organize it in a way there’s no appointed speaker and in a round table discussion format, which we called — Eat and talk tech.

The hangout started with students introducing themselves; their names, department, and skill set. Daniel an electrical engineering student and also the organizer of AI+ Invasion in school told the attendees what Ingressive is all about, our core values and the community in general. After the talk on Ingressive, students who were tech enthusiast, threw in some questions, about the community and tech in general. The campus ambassador Timothy Ovie, did well to answer all questions asked by the student concerning tech communities and technology in general. After answering those questions, the campus ambassador continues talking on various technologies we have and how one as a student can pick up one of those technical skills and be good at it.

Tech enthusiasts who attended the hangout, wherein high motivation to get started with tech. The hangout continued with Edi a backend web developer and a 400 level student of Electrical engineering gave a lightning talk on how the web works and getting started with web development. After it’s talk, questions where asked and he did well in answering every single question asked.

We did a little break in between, sharing drinks and playing some fun games such as; Fast fingers ( first person to load particular airtime). We continue with Victor an Android developer and engineering student, who gave a talk on android development — What you need to know.

The campus ambassador, started a talk on Git and GitHub, while also talking about design with Figma. The student continued by talking randomly and sharing their personal journey into tech. We did a headcount and found out, everybody who attends the hangout was either a developer or tech enthusiast willing to get started with tech.

The hangout ended with snacks and drinks going round again, while also sharing useful tips and resources within the student.

Special thanks to Ingressive and the ICA community in Niger Delta University, Bayelsa State.

Some pictures were taken during and after the hangout.


Cultivating talent in Africa's leading tech ecosystems

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Cultivating talent in Africa's leading tech ecosystems

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