Actualizado mi ejemplo de spfx y Cognitive Services en sp-dev-fx-extensions repository

Luis Mañez
Nov 5, 2017 · 1 min read
spfx cognitive services sample

Simplemente haceros saber que he actualizado el ejemplo que integra spfx y la Vision API de Cognitive Services, y que ha sido ya “merged” (de momento en la rama de dev, pero en breve estara en master)en el repo de SharePoint de spfx extesions. Lo podeis encontrar en esta url:

Inherits Cloud

Luis Mañez

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Office Development MVP. SharePoint and Cloud Solutions architect. MS Azure certified developer and MCPD SharePoint 2010

Inherits Cloud

Office Development MVP. Loving Microsoft cloud, specially Office 365. Here you can find articles about Microsoft Cloud, always from a development point of view, and specially focus on SharePoint Online.

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