Andrew NG’s new course

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Andrew NG’s new venture features a bunch of courses forming a ‘DeepLearning specialisation’ on coursera.

Although the courses launch on 15th, the content is open to access and the assignments and quizzes are accessible as well.

As of now, 3 out the 5 courses are available. My experience has been great from these courses. I really feel the gaps that I’ve felt while pursuing the Machine Learning course (and repeating it over several times) have been covered thoroughly. This course feels like a mature version of all coursera courses. It addresses the industry and academia gap, and isn’t theoretical completely. There is plenty of coding too, even though DL is thoroughly Math, Algorithm and statistics (according to my understanding of the field). Yet the course offers enough experience to suffice the gap.

The three courses make up a perfect weekend task, I really look forward to studying CNN, Sequence models as soon as they are unlocked.

I really loved the (optional) interviews with the Heroes of Deep Learning. Being able to relate to their motivations to the field and path is really motivating.

I’d really love to hear from you about more learning resources related to Deep Learning, AI and I look forward to working on a few projects to gain some skills.

Sanyam Bhutani