Exploring Personal Branding: 5 Tips for Freelancers.

Charu Mitra Dubey
Sep 18, 2018 · 4 min read
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What if I tell you that Personal branding is a must for Freelancers? Will you agree?

Well, if you believe in me even a bit then trust me freelancing is the field that is based solely on personal branding. But apparently, not many of the freelancers try to build and promote their personal brands.

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In this article, I will be talking about-

  • Why is Personal Branding important?
  • How to build one?
  • How to promote it in the right way?

So, let’s get started-

What is Personal Branding and Why is it Important?

In simple words, personal branding is the practice of marketing our own names.

Personal branding means to represent yourself as a brand. Everyone who owns a name and a digital footprint holds a personal brand. With an established personal brand, you get to secure a reputation in your industry and land up more opportunities.

(You can also read my previous article on “How to Build a Personal Brand from Scratch“)

Let me illustrate this with two case studies. If you are a freelance writer than you might have heard some names like Ben A Wise or Nicolas Cole.

Ben A Wise is a writer for BAMF Media and has more than 90K followers on Quora. Writing regularly on Quora and creating an audience of more than 90K people helped Ben to land up writing for some big publications like Newsweek, HuffPost, Inc, etc. and ultimately ending up with getting a job at BAMF Media as a senior content writer.

Another person that I mentioned has a similar case, Nicolas is another famous writer who writes for publications like Inc, Entrepreneur, TIME, Forbes, Fortune, and many more.

Cole started his journey as a writer when he was just 17. In 2015, he became a Top Quora Writer and got an opportunity to write for various publications and magazines. Now he has over 55K followers over Quora and owns a company named Digital Press.

Did you see that?

Here is where personal branding lies. When you establish a powerful personal brand, you get recognized in your industry and as a freelancer, such recognition will help you in getting gigs/opportunities and you might even end up starting something of your own.

To summarize, here are the key benefits of having a powerful personal brand-

  • It helps in building credibility.
  • Proves you as an expert in your niche.
  • It helps in building a huge audience.
  • Mark you out of the crowd.
  • And at the end, it helps you get more leads.

Now, if you are convinced then let us move onto the tips.

How to Build a Powerful Personal Brand- Tips for Freelancers

Get a Blog

First thing first, before you deep dive into the world of freelancing, you need to secure a place for yourself. A place where people will be able to find your work. That specific place will be your online identity and that is called a personal blog.

In the blog write about some particular niches. The niches that you want to build your career in. For example, my main niches are marketing, entrepreneurship, and freelancing and so over here I mostly write about these topics.

Build an Email List

I understand you may have a lot of people following you on various social media platforms but hey, email subscribers have their own benefits. When you build a list of email subscribers, the people who subscribe to your blog are the ones who really love your stuff. These people are highly targeted and hence have more chances of coming back to your blog.

And as we know that having more and more people on the list of your audience is the key to building a powerful personal brand. So, don’t waste time and go for it and in the meanwhile, join mine. 😉


Honestly, I have never been so active in order to do Quora regularly but I don’t think that you should miss it. Based on the above case studies and many others, I believe that Quora is damn powerful in order to build a powerful personal brand.

All you need to do, stay active and answer as much as possible. But don’t start to answer all the questions that show on your feed but rather stick around your main niches. Writing regularly on Quora might also help you in grabbing eyeballs of some of the best publications out there.

Social Media Platforms

No personal brand is powerful if it’s not in the front and social media is that exact thing that can give you unlimited exposure. Pick up your platforms based on your niches and start sharing like a crackhead but don’t lose your value. My personal favorites are LinkedIn and Twitter. Help others, stay in touch and build a network. The more people get engaged with you the more powerful your brand becomes.

Your Secret Sauce

There are a lot of other things that can be considered to power up your personal and you need to choose at least one. Be it a podcast or vine series, you need one thing that separates you from all other professionals in your industry.

What would work for you? I leave it on you, decide and let me know in the comments.

Wrapping it up-

Building and boosting personal brand might sound a little overwhelming at first but once you get into it, you start to see the benefits. When you start to invest in your personal brand, you will realize that more and more opportunities are knocking at your door.

So, stop thinking and start doing! A beautiful future is waiting for you. 🙂

Originally published at www.spunkyhead.com on September 18, 2018.


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