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Aug 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Marketing on LinkedIn? Isn’t it a portal where professionals search for opportunities? Yes, it is. But behind those “professional” profiles, those people still are humans like you. And you can thus, sell on LinkedIn. But it’s not that you can use LinkedIn for business marketing only. It’s also a great place to make people aware of yourself.

Does LinkedIn marketing work?

Would you like to bet? Among all the social media marketing tactics you have tried, marketing on LinkedIn works the best. Whether you focus on Facebook marketing or marketing on Instagram, people there know that you’re trying to sell. But LinkedIn being a professional network, here, it’s more about providing value. 😊

And when you prove invaluable to your network, well, you’re ready to enter LinkedIn marketing. One of the benefits of social media marketing is brand awareness. And LinkedIn is the best place for it. Why? People don’t tolerate spamming on LinkedIn, and only the genuine one survives.

So, among you generating leads and developing your career, pay attention to making genuine relationships with your network. It’s time now, to check how to use LinkedIn for marketing yourself or your product.

Post content that resonates

The best way to market on LinkedIn is to not market at all. Whether you’re a freelancer or an employee on a lookout for a new job, you don’t have to post that you’re looking for a job. However, that should be a hidden motive in your posts.

I said it earlier, and will repeat it –

LinkedIn is not a job portal. It’s a social media site for networking with professionals.

Post helpful content. It can be a text, explaining steps to something or your vlog telling people about a product or a place. When people resonate with your post, they will — like, comment and share — them, thus, increasing its reach. Help them solve their problems or teach them something and your beloved Linkies (LinkedIn connections) will take no time in making you known.

And someone who’s in need of a guy or girl like you will, someday, see your posts, for sure. Yeah, you will be exposed to opportunities without even asking.

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Avoid pushing

One of the things which separate LinkedIn marketing from the other forms is that consumers here, aren’t looking for products. Well, not in their conscious mind. They look for information, and you can’t force them to look at your product. Try it, and they will cut you off. 😈

LinkedIn is a part of people’s professional life, and they don’t want anyone interrupting them. Would you like if a stranger comes and says, “Hey, check this awesome product” every day, while you’re working? I guess not!

Try to get yourself discovered. That would be the best way to use LinkedIn for marketing.

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Stay in the radar

Like it happens with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter marketing, marketing on LinkedIn too needs consistency. When people discover your expertise, they will look forward to your posts. Make some helpful status updates every day (if possible) but don’t spill the beans. You can do it every other day or three days a week, but whatever you do, remember, consistency is the key to LinkedIn marketing.

Also, stay in touch with those who interact with you. 😊

Picture by geralt on Pixabay

Make LinkedIn marketing humane

Although staying in touch with your network will help you, it’s when you provide individual help, you stand out. You create a bonding with your network… a strong one! They will find you more valuable and will try to engage with your posts more often.

One of the benefits of marketing on LinkedIn is that people are ready to help you if you do. So, if you think you have a solution to a problem, offer help. And if you can’t, introduce them to someone who can. Whatever you give returns to you, in the same way, or another.

Make your profile searchable

Yes, you need to be as much humane as possible but don’t forget your motive behind LinkedIn marketing. You’re doing it all for a job or freelance working opportunities. So, prepare your profile for the clients too, those who will use the LinkedIn search to find you.

Include related keywords in the headline and also in your profile summary. Keep the summary clear, professional and do not let it become a sales-pitch. The LinkedIn summary is one of the first points of interest of a prospective client. Make it attractive and include a testimonial from your previous clients. Lure people in hiring you and put up a quick way to contact you in the summary itself.

Oh, and also make it visually appealing. Apart from text, your LinkedIn profile summary also has space to put up images and links. Leverage those facilities! Moreover, keep your profile complete, updated and standardised.

Claim your custom LinkedIn URL

The LinkedIn URL is one of the neglected things in most of the LinkedIn profiles. Not only does a customised link to your profile looks better than a set of random numbers, but it also shows that you pay attention to details. 😉

Decided about marketing on LinkedIn? What not to do.

Now that you are prepared to get going with LinkedIn marketing, time to see what not to do –

i) LinkedIn is not Facebook — Of course, you can share your success (and failure) stories. LinkedIn, however, is not a place where you would be sharing what you ate for breakfast, the different places you’re checking in or feeling crazy with 43 others. Keep the LinkedIn status updates relevant and minimal.

ii) LinkedIn is not Twitter — While you can post a hundred tweets daily to popularise your products and services or make your presence felt, it’s spamming (on LinkedIn). Do share and re-share relevant posts but limit it to a finger-countable time.

iii) LinkedIn is not Instagram — Yes, I told you to give a visual appeal to your profile, but it doesn’t mean you should fill the feed with your selfies.

Although the Linkies are liberal in accepting your jokes and poems, don’t overdo. LinkedIn, in its heart, is a professional platform and the netizens, therefore, expect you to have the required etiquettes.

I wish you find your harbour at LinkedIn.


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