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5 min readSep 1, 2022

Helix is now live on Injective!

Injective Pro is rapidly expanding its overall vision and capabilities to become Helix: The Premier Decentralized Crypto Exchange.

Helix is also introducing a diverse array of new upgrades and advanced trading enhancements such as decentralized stop-limit orders. In addition, Helix is launching an intuitive convert interface that can allow new users to easily trade on a fully on-chain orderbook.

The new app will bring zero gas fees, best-in-class security, lightning fast speeds, cross-chain assets and market leading rebates. These features coupled with a number of major optimizations help to make Helix the optimal gateway to bring crypto trading to the masses.

What is Helix?

Helix is the premier platform for trading unlimited cross-chain crypto assets and perpetual markets with market leading rebates. Helix represents a major evolution in the Injective dApp ecosystem to date, bringing forth a completely redesigned exchange, advanced order types, a brand new Convert interface, trading histories, and reward tracking.

Helix is powered by the interoperable Injective blockchain which can natively support a wide array of assets such as Cosmos, Ethereum, EVMOS and Moonbeam. Helix also features a simple portfolio to help organize and bridge assets via a host of crypto wallets, creating a seamless end-user experience for all traders.

Helix holds the record of becoming one of the fastest growing exchanges upon launch, reaching over $1 billion in cumulative trading volume in just one month. Since then Helix has catapulted to new heights, attaining over $7 billion in cumulative trading volume across spot and perpetual markets.

“Helix has been meticulously designed to enable any user to seamlessly trade crypto assets across both spot and perpetual markets,” said Eric Chen, co-founder and CEO of Injective Labs. “The trading environment is further helped by the institutional gateways we are able to open via our custom API that is built with top tier financial firms in mind.”

With the combination of advanced conditional orders and an intuitive Convert interface, Helix is aiming to break new ground with everyday and institutional traders alike.

How Does This Impact Current Users?

All traders who are currently utilizing any exchange dApp built on Injective will remain unaffected with respect to their wallet or transactions. As Helix is a fully decentralized exchange, all users have the same access to their assets and all current transactions will be visible on Helix.

Of course there are a range of new functionalities and options available on Helix which will be covered in the next section.

What’s New?

Helix provides an assortment of new features to create an unparalleled trading experience for all users.

Advanced Conditional Orders

Helix has launched stop-loss orders across all perpetual markets, allowing anyone to take part in a range of sophisticated trading setups.

Stop-loss/take-profit orders act as conditional trades that combine the features of a “stop-loss” and “limit order” in order to mitigate risk. Traders are able to select “stop-limit” or “stop-market” on any perpetual market on Helix to enter in a trigger price and desired amount in order to automatically execute trades based on market conditions. For instance, if a trader sets a stop-loss order for ATOM at $11 then the position will automatically be exited on-chain in the case that ATOM falls to an $11 price point.

Helix Stop-Limit & Stop-Market Advanced Orders

Traditionally, these advanced order types on other exchanges are executed off-chain or with centralized intermediaries. However, Helix is able to carry out these advanced order types in a completely decentralized manner which is a monumental leap forward in the crypto exchange space. As a result, Helix users can continue to have full authority over their funds without ever having to rely on centralized counterparts.

To start utilizing advanced conditional orders, click here.

Helix Convert

Helix is also releasing a new convert interface that allows users to swap tokens easily. With the help of Helix Convert, users can swap assets in a matter of seconds. For instance, USDT can be converted into INJ at the click of a button. The trade itself will occur on the Helix orderbook but the trader will not have to deal with any complexities associated with trading.

Helix Convert

The idea behind Helix Convert is to allow everyday users to begin trading with the ease of a more traditional exchange. Of course, Helix provides far more benefits than any other exchange in the market today since users are able to retain complete ownership of their assets while converting between a wide array of cross-chain assets. For example, you can now swap native EVMOS for ATOM without ever having to directly interact with those chains.

The Future of Helix

Helix is a major milestone for the rapidly growing Injective ecosystem and a significant step forward for the entire crypto industry.

Moving forward, Helix will be launching a number of new upgrades over the coming months to further enhance the trading experience for all users. With Helix’s evolution and new capabilities, Helix can create new gateways to reach both the everyday and institutional masses which is essential to the overall vision set forth by the community.

About Helix

Helix is the premier decentralized crypto exchange.

Helix provides access to unlimited crypto assets and perpetual markets with market leading rebates. Best-in-class security, near zero fees, lightning fast speeds, cross-chain capabilities and a fully on-chain orderbook on Helix provide the optimal gateway to bring crypto trading to the masses.

You can follow the latest updates via the Helix Twitter and the Helix Newsletter.

About Injective

Injective is a custom interoperable layer one protocol for building powerful exchange, DeFi, derivatives & Web3 applications. Injective was created using the Cosmos SDK and is able to achieve instant transaction finality while sustaining lightning fast speeds. INJ is the native deflationary scarce asset that powers the Injective Protocol and its rapidly growing ecosystem. Injective is incubated by Binance and is backed by prominent investors such as Jump Crypto, Pantera and Mark Cuban.

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