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Why bother to judge false teachers?

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Are we even allowed to test those who claim to be servants of God or examine their teachings? — I’m writing this article to answer this question.

Why Christians don’t judge…

What happens when we don’t judge and deal with false teachers.

#1 Corruption of the Gospel

Today also there are many super-apostles, super-prophets, celebrity pastors and faith-healers. They have infiltrated the Church and corrupted the Gospel message. Why? Because people of God have slept! The watchmen have remained silent! I’m afraid we have given such impostors abnormal immunity from the scrutiny of Scriptural standards for a servant of God. We have failed to test their teachings and prophecies. And today, such people are able to preach or prophesy any non-sense and get away with it!

#2 Exploitation of the flock

This is an acid test to identify false teachers: they will want to exploit you once they have managed to influence you.

#3 Suppression of the Bible’s Authority

False teachers claim to have additional revelation from God and they teach new ideas of prayer which are found nowhere in the Scriptures. They reorient the whole purpose of Christian life so that people seek miracles and supernatural experiences more than desiring to know Christ personally and to conform to His image. They teach people to seek comfort, pleasure, health and wealth in this world than to be content and look to the eternal hope in Christ. Christians who are misled by them expect a suffering-free life instead of being willing to take up the Cross and follow Christ.

Will God judge me if I judge false teachers?

Why am I writing all this?

Do not go after new fancy teachings or supernatural revelations. Pursue the same old faith that teaches us continual repentance and sanctification, encouraging us to keep on carrying the Cross. Keep walking in the Spirit’s power by holding on to the unchanging Word of God. Pray earnestly that you would see the truth and cling to it for all that your soul is worth! Most importantly, warn fellow believers and save someone!



For the love of Christ and writing!

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