Ink + Screen Manifesto

The official blog for Think Aloud.

The Ink + Screen Publication is side project of Think Aloud. It is not the home for corporate speak, or ‘competitive escalation’1. It is the home of lessons learnt and reflections in work, skills, people and balancing them all.

Because continuous improvement is not just for project management, it is for life and to counterfeit a McCandless quote

“Learning like happiness is only real when shared”.

When you have to share your lessons, you have to deep-dive and distill your knowledge and thoughts. This helps to chisel our minds, Ink + Screen is about the process and not end results.

Who is Think Aloud

Think Aloud is a distributed creative agency specialising in provided consistent printed and digital design to;

  • Marketing Consultants & Agencies,
  • Small & Medium Enterprise,
  • Regional and Commercial Art Galleries,
  • Regional Shires & Councils,
  • Universities & Colleges,
  • State & Federal Departments, and
  • Startup’s and Market Capital Firms.

Our 20 year old origins are in Ipswich, Queensland, Australia and over the years we have developed with technology into our current distributed model.

  1. Read “Pissing Contest”
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