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Colors and Typography

What you need to know

Guidelines For Using Colors Effectively

The design of the spaces that we’re in and the objects that surround us matter a lot. They profoundly influence our lives. Colors, shapes, textures, scents, sounds, ceiling heights, and other features of our world have powerful psychological effects on us as human beings.

Blue is the top choice for 35% of Americans, followed by green (16%), purple (10%) and red (9%).

Use a Neutral Color Palette

Use One Color For The Purpose of Highlighting

Select Variations For Your Highlight Color

Guidelines For Using Effective Typography

Get your hands on the Basics

Deal Cautiously with Kerning!

Avoid Using Too Many Typefaces and Styles

“Does the selected font type fits well with your website, or it is overcomplicating the design?”

Make Proper Use of White Space

Putting It All Together!



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