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How do you Create Emotional Branding?

Before we discuss how to build emotional Branding, let us first define what an emotive brand is.

An emotive Brand or “Emotional Branding” is a phrase used in marketing, and it is directly reaching out to the hearts and minds of your clients and partners.

Instead of the usual marketing strategy in just presenting your products, it is like catching their interest and making them feel something with your products.

Some people are hard to work out and gets you thinking why will they get engaged with your product.

Through emotive branding, you are making your products relatable and connecting your clients with your service.

Have you watched a commercial where you think it is talking directly to you?

Have you seen the McDonald’s or Coca-Cola advert?

It will indeed leave a mark in your heart because they intentionally target your emotions.

That way, you will be reminded of how that makes you feel and you will always remember their product

These companies master the art of creating Brand emotions.

Also, through their emotional branding, people support their products more.

Now that it is defined and we know roughly what an emotive brand is, it is time to learn how to create your emotional brand.

An emotional brand design is transforming your general marketing strategy into the higher level, with a more personal touch.

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1 — From customer oriented to people oriented.

Make it more relatable; it is more of building a relationship with your clients and partners.

It is like personally speaking to their hearts and minds.

It is creating that mutual respect and attraction.

From the mindset of they are just customers that come and go, make them feel a sense of belonging to your company and let them know that they are part of your growth and success.

Start with your staff or employees.

Be like Starbucks; they call their employees partners. This way the employees feel accountable and responsible, they have this welcoming feel even before you step inside their store.

You will gain their loyalty when they feel you understand them and when they have the sense of belongingness.

2 — From products or service to making it an experience.

It is not just giving or providing people with the product or service.

It is more on what did they experience.

What did it make them feel?

Did they have fun, did it make them feel special, and did it get them jumping in excitement?

People would support your service and products if you make them feel extraordinary.

Have you ever wondered why some companies charge so much for their services or products?

Because it is not the goods or service itself, you pay for the experience.

In online shopping, from the website up to the time the product is in your hands, did you think they delivered an excellent customer experience?

Royal Caribbean Cruise is one of the best-known cruise ships that not only takes you to your dream paradise, but will also give you that “royal” experience.

At first, you may think you are paying too much, but it is hard to compare the experience you receive to a specific amount.

3 — From truthfulness to being trustworthy.

It is one thing to be truthful, and it is entirely different in being trustworthy.

Being trustworthy is giving the assurance that you are genuinely giving the best of what you have promised.

It might be true that they are number one in the market, but somewhere along the way they cheat or they are corrupt and that makes them not trustworthy.

Popularity does not equate to the integrity of the entire company.

You can state facts and accomplishments, but you must guarantee that with you, they will be taken care of and put first.

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4 — From giving the best quality to being the preferred service or product provider.

Many companies arise competing for loyal customers.

It is normal in all industries.

People are continually searching and switching suppliers. Companies make sure they have the best products in the world.

However, by making them feel extraordinary, by connecting to them, you become their preferred supplier.

The experiences they have with you make you stand out persuading them to choose you over any other Brand.

It is all about the relationship that makes you the preferred supplier.

As you become the favourite Brand, word of mouth helps you market your product or services.

5 — From being known to giving inspirations.

Popularity is not the game.

Touching people’s hearts is when you inspire them through your journey. Inspiring through the eyes of clients that have a great testimony in having you as their supplier.

Have you watched a commercial of Avon?

Not only do they provide women’s necessities, but they also offer a small business for their clients.

So they use that to inspire people.

They feature the inspirational testimonials of women who live their life as an ordinary housewife, then turned into a business owner.

Companies that live to inspire, mostly have loyal consumers.

6 — From a monologue to dialogue.

Talk and listen.

Have you wondered why some commercials left you hanging with a question?

It is because they give an option to respond.

It is not just presenting; it is interacting.

It is not just about your company or products or services, it is about the people that support you, and it is about winning other people as well.

Ask them a question and get their attention.

It is common now on Facebook and other social media sites that companies will post something in their account that asks the consumer a particular question.

It allows them to respond and connect on a personal level.

It allows people to talk and share their experiences and it allows you to further get their attention in responding back.

It might be time-consuming, but this is where you build relationships.


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7 — From service to a relationship.

From giving a service, you are making your company relational.

You are providing a give and take relationship.

There are a lot that can offer a service; only a few can build a relationship.

Again it is more of the Brand experience they have with your company.

It is the connection you make connecting with Emotional Branding.

It is letting the consumers know that you know what they are going through and you are offering something that can help solve their problems.

See how dishwashing soap gets advertised?

They are providing a product that can help you clean the dishes and a product that will not cause skin problems to your hands.

They know your concerns, they understand.

Through that, they connect to the consumers who are having problems with their hands after doing the dishes.

Connecting is a key to a good Brand relationship.

How do you implement Emotional Branding?

You should apply these emotional branding strategies in every department of the company.

These transformations will help you build more inside and outside of the enterprise.

If everybody can exercise this emotive brand strategy, they will see the value of what they do and the value of your business.

If you put these strategies into the heart of people working for you, they will work harder, for they will see the purpose behind it.

Sometimes all it takes is a personal touch to gain more loyal consumers and partners.

Emotional branding shows that you care, and your products or services are the extensions of that care.

Are you ready to put the heart of the company out for people to see?

The more you develop your emotive brand identity, the wider your market reach.

Add puns in your ads, be up to date with trends and be more relevant.

On that note let me end with this.

An emotional Brand works most efficiently when you are genuine.

Consumers can see the difference between real and fake.

Emotive branding must be absolute.

You must be genuine in all areas of your Brand.

From the vision of the Brand and the ambassadors, they must be genuine in a way that it will carry through the entire company.

At first it will feel like you are just faking it, but in the end, you will get used to it, and emotional branding will be the main thing in your company.

Fake it until you make it!

You can do that until you progress and until your firm develops that genuine care for the customers.

Emotional branding should feel natural and not forced.

Emotive branding is like two hearts reaching out and connecting.

It is a way to gain interest in the new market and at the same time maintaining the loyalty of your consumers.

An emotive brand design is like putting your heart out in the open; people will see your intentions; people will see if you are the real deal or one of the fakes.

Keep it real and connect with the heart!

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