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How to Present Your Graphic Design Services Online

Have a Portfolio Website

1 — Make sure the portfolio is easy to navigate

All too often graphic design websites contain a scroll of designs, with no real way to navigate them.

2 — Have a section for past work and testimonials

Never underestimate the power of social proof and be sure to include samples of your previous work along with testimonials from the clients that commissioned them.

3 — Include a bio — with a photo

Although the focus of your website should be your work, having a small bio along with a picture of yourself will do wonders.

4 — Place the ‘Get A Quote’ button strategically

Always remember that the primary goal of your website is to obtain clients — and that means convincing them to contact you to discuss their needs and get a quote.

Social Media

1 — Outline your social media strategy

When you are coming up with a social media strategy, be sure to play to the unique nature of each social media platform.

2 — Customise the social media page to include your designs

On many social media platforms, you are allowed a certain amount of customisation — such as a profile picture, header, or perhaps even colour scheme.

3 — Focus on publishing great content

Unlike your website’s function as a portfolio, social media will play a different role — and to attract people and build up a following your focus should be on providing high-quality content.



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