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Oct 22, 2017 · 9 min read

When it comes to branding businesses, the first thing the majority of people think about is the company logo design.

This is because a logo is how a business is identified and recognised by the customers in a market where there are numerous suppliers of a particular product or service.

Entrepreneurs claim the logo to be an essential asset for every company because it does not only makes the brand look attractive but also speaks of what the business does.

It is for this reason why companies pay a significant amount to designers who can create unique and exceptionally professional logos for them.

A common marketing strategy to regain market share involves changing the logo — this is evidence of how important a logo is for any business.

However, just like any other design or technology, the trends in logo design have also evolved.

If you observe the logos that were used in earlier times and compared them with modern day logos, you will find significant differences.

Not because people in the past were any less creative but because the technology has reached new heights.

The creativity can be utilised in surprising ways as a result of which the logos you see nowadays are beautiful and meaningful.

If you are an entrepreneur or are aiming to get a logo for your startup, it is imperative to be aware of the modern logo design trends regardless of which designer you hire.

The designers may not always be dedicated towards your logo, so they need to know that you are aware of these trends.

Do not enforce any limitations on the designer, but the following are some trends that you may suggest your logo designer consider:

1 — Simplified logos

Aesthetics are not always very clean and may give logos a dirty but attractive look, so they have been widely employed in the past.

According to the statistics, a large number of old businesses are redesigning their logos into simplified forms while startups are asking for simple logos instead of going for complicated designs.

This has, nevertheless, made work easier for designers who just need to think out of the box to create something simple.

The new logo of MasterCard and The Athens Recorder are excellent examples of simple logos that are according to this modern trend.

2 — Breaking letters

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Since almost every logo consists of letters, designers tried a new way of presenting the logo by cutting these letters in some way to make it look eye-catching.

While it may sound like a straightforward task, designers claim that this is one of the most complicated trends of modern logo design to follow.

This is because the combination of letters, the font and other characteristics of the logo has to be taken into consideration when breaking the letterforms to give the logo an attractive look.

Therefore, much creativity is involved behind the logos with broken letters.

3 — Hand-drawn designs

While the design is somewhat self-explanatory, hand-drawn logo designs are said to have the charisma and credibility required to pull customers to businesses.

The design, undoubtedly, requires a lot of effort and skills from the designer’s end but the ultimate result can be both unique and attractive.

Not all designers are creative and skilled enough to pull off hand-drawn logo designs correctly.

4 — Simplified colour code

However, the modern logo design trend suggests that the simpler the colour code of a logo is, the better it is considered by the customers.

The logic behind this assumption is that more colours distract the viewer from the purpose of the logo and too many colours can irritate a person’s eyes too.

Use of one colour allows it to become prominent and leave a lasting effect on viewers’ minds.

5 — Vintage style

Similar is the case with logo designs, and therefore vintage style logos have always been in demand in the modern era.

People usually have a special connection with what has existed in the past, and so their appreciation for vintage style logo designs is at the peak.

However, not every designer can pull this design off successfully, and it does not suit every business type too.

So make sure you are not using vintage style logo design for your restaurant serving modern cuisine and with a current name.

6 — Shapes and geometry

This manipulation of geometry is a significant trend in logo design that is popular nowadays mainly because it gives meaning to many logos.

Construction companies, for example, use various shapes that provide them with a housing look, telling the viewers what the business is about.

It also adds interest to the logo, and so a majority of entrepreneurs have started following this modern trend of logo design.

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7 — Playing with lines and creativity

Lines may be used to write something or to draw a shape or figure, whatever goes best with the business name and nature.

The reason why line art remains one of the most complicated logo design trends is that extreme creativity and out-of-the-box thinking is required to create a great logo successfully.

If the designer is not creative enough, they cannot produce anything attractive using line art and so it is useless to follow the trend.

So if you are thinking of getting line art in your logo, hire a very professional and creative designer.

8 — Cropping letters out

Cropping letters within the logo give a unique look to the design that is amazingly attractive, but it may make the message unclear if creativity is not involved in developing.

The designer, therefore, needs to consider the font to be used and ensure that they crop only the maximum part of the letters after which the text remains readable.

Cropped logo text has been gaining immense popularity recently, and designers can produce distinctive logos using this modern trend.

It is up to the designers how they crop the letters to make a logo look attractive and stay meaningful.

9 — Photographic textures

This trend makes the logo quite fancy, and it does not remain straightforward hence not many formal entrepreneurs prefer this direction.

Nevertheless, this era consists of multiple start-ups owned by the younger generations who have the appreciation for excellent designs, so detailed textures are trending.

For entrepreneurs looking for some crazy artistic touch in their logo, this trend is a must to follow.

10 — Developing a pattern or repetition

While formal documents strictly prohibit repetition, designers believe that if a pattern is repeated many times in the logo, it becomes unusually attractive and it develops interest among people.

Many businesses including Capsule and Ministry of Sound are using this trend, and their logos are some of the finest designs one can witness.

Another statement by the designers suggests that use of patterns leave a long lasting effect on viewers’ minds who remember what the brand was.

This is because patterns are usually memorable if they are designed properly.

While these are only the top 10 modern trends in the world of logo design, you will be surprised to see how many other directions are being followed by the designers globally.

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The problem with these trends is that firstly, they often do not last long and secondly, a single direction cannot be termed as the best.

This is because the trend that suits a business depends entirely on the name of the brand and the industry it operates in.

One trend that might be excellent for a restaurant may not work well with a hairdressing business, and so patterns may vary in this regard.

The question that often arises is that how can one know which trend works the best for their business and how can they ask the designer to use the trend outstandingly?

Firstly, from the list of these ten modern logo design trends, try fitting your business in each trend, and you will automatically realise which one suits the best.

You may get confused between a couple of trends, but then you can always ask some professionals or consultants for a suggestion.

The ideal way is to find a strategy that can help you identify what the customers in the market are demanding.

You may observe their choice through online reviews or by asking them to fill questionnaires.

Once you decide which trend to follow, the challenge of explaining it to the designers comes up.

Not all developers will be aware of any trends till you contact some of the finest and creative branding agencies.

This means that you have to explain the trend carefully to your logo designer and do not forget to submit a few samples.

No matter how well you explain, designers get a clear idea of what the client is asking for only when they see the examples.

In this way, you will be able to develop an amazing logo for your business which itself will be of great help to attract customers.

Author Bio: Jason Martin is carrying out graphics and marketing management on Try Assignment Help at a software house in London. He obtained his postgraduate degree in business administration with a concentration on corporate strategy.

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Inkbot Design is a Creative Branding Agency that is…

Inkbot Design

Inkbot Design is a Creative Branding Agency that is passionate about effective Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logos and Web Design.

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Inkbot Design

Inkbot Design is a Creative Branding Agency that is passionate about effective Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logos and Web Design.