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Free Fluid-Hybrid Responsive Email Template in Only 36 Lines of Markup

Creating a modern, responsive HTML email using the popular Fluid-Hybrid technique normally requires hundreds of lines of code chockablock full of nested tables, floating divs, Outlook-conditional logic and a wee bit of luck. Its complexity requires lengthy tutorials, layout calculators and boilerplate code generators — and in the end, you’re left with a staggering amount of markup that is fragile and hard to maintain.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a faster, easier way to build modern responsive emails. Take a look! Here’s the complete markup for a three-column table that fluidly drops to vertical rows on mobile devices:

<!-- This outer table wraps the entire email and provides
a consistent background color in all clients. -->
{table bgcolor=#fff width=100%}
{td align=center}
<!-- This three-column table fluidly "drops" into a three-row
table on mobile devices. -->
{table width=525 padding=10 valign=top font-size=15 mobile="fluid-drop"}
{td width=175 bgcolor=#eef}

{img src="left.jpg" height=155 width=155 align=right}
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.
Cras bibendum malesuada faucibus.
{td width=175}
{img src="center.jpg" height=155 width=155 align=right}
Pellentesque vitae rutrum ipsum. Integer sed aliquet
magna, sit amet auctor justo. Vestibulum egestas tellus a
euismod vulputate. Donec sapien nulla, egestas vulputate
odio a, luctus auctor quam.
{td width=175 bgcolor=#efe}
{img src="right.jpg" height=155 width=155 align=right}
Vestibulum rutrum lacinia tellus a euismod. Fusce eu
faucibus quam. Vestibulum in ultricies arcu, non
consectetur felis. Vivamus laoreet fringilla nulla.

That's it! 36 lines of easy-to-read, easy-to-maintain markup that, when preprocessed by Inkcite, produces a Fluid-Hybrid responsive email that's rock solid in 40+ email clients and mobile devices. See for yourself - here's the Litmus compatibility test results.

How it Works

Inkcite is a free, open-source framework for building modern, responsive emails. Inkcite makes it easy for email developers to keep their code DRY (don’t repeat yourself) and integrate versioning, compatibility testing and minification into their workflow. Installation and getting started instructions available here.

Inkcite provides a standard, familiar markup designed for email. Inkcite transforms {table}, {td}, {img} and a dozen other tags into HTML that displays consistently across email clients. Using Inkcite's powerful mobile-attribute, you add cutting-edge responsiveness with just a few keystrokes. When set to fluid-drop Inkcite automatically injects all of HTML necessary to make the resulting <table> fluidly drop. (Inkcite also offers right-to-left fluid-stack and a variety of media query-based responsive modes when you want more control.)

Inkcite frees you from having to worry about inline styles, media queries, conditional logic and client rendering quirks - allowing you to focus on the message and design while preserving the control you expect from hand-coded emails.




Tips for coding engaging, responsive emails with modern tools by the creator of Inkcite, the modular design system for modern, responsive email development. #emailgeek #MakeEmailBetter

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Jeffrey Hoffman

Jeffrey Hoffman

Creator of Inkcite, the modular design system for modern, responsive email development. #emailgeek #MakeEmailBetter

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