The Magical Touch of Equanimity

In the cool, refreshing shade of joy

Leah J. 🕊
Jun 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Let the flower of compassion blossom in the rich soil of maitri, and water it with the good water of equanimity, in the cool, refreshing shade of joy.
— Longchenpa

Understand illusions of separateness
yet to live without clinging or craving

with a growing appreciation of our basic goodness
sitting in maitri

in being steadfast
in thoughts, emotions and actions
to cultivate compassion

being an awakening warrior
in the practise of Zen
taking care of the sweeping of the floor
as I do of sending positive vibes to my garden

to nature, which does reciprocate
energy in, energy out

the beginnings of this practise is there
and maitre, that loving-kindness,
expands, with greater trust and equanimity
to the humans in my life, near and far

even the ones who I feel have hurt me the most
and the ones I trust the least

walking with my inner child together
and with my inner nurturing adult
always at my side,

taking care to watch over each other
as I slowly venture out of a closed-in, safety zone
into the vast, scary, but alluring world, at my fingertips.

~namaste, Leah 🕊

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology, writer/artist/teacher
© Leah J.🕊 The ART Matrix 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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