Features, an INSTAGRAM Lover Would Wish

And what’s best way to reach a wide swath of eyeballs for your photos than Facebook? INSTAGRAM. With more than 200 million active users worldwide sharing more than 60 million posts a day, Instagram swept the world of mature and amateur photographers with its kickass photos and videos sharing and social networking service. But there’s still a lot to be desired from the user experience of Instagram.

Instagram is supercool, the best part is how it lets users create stories about their everyday lives with stylized photos and videos. Although, Instagram has a clean and simple UX of Instagram, some of the wishes remained unfulfilled all the way through various Instagram updates. It’s a little difficult for a first time user to find out all the hacks and tips among the icons and only icons. Here are a few pointers that we feel are worth sharing.

When Photo Collages Are Coming

It requires only a couple of touches to create awesome projects and share them with friends and other folks at Instagram. There are videos, filters, effects, brightness, contrast, and tilt to do much more with your photos. We all love posting photo collages with multiple pictures arranged in an artful way, but to get these collages into Instagram, we have to install another app, Layout, that’s again a headache.

Snap! Search Tops my List…

Search is straightforward with hashtags, but they bring a jumble of results. A beach search will not necessarily fetch images and videos with beautiful sea waves crashing through a sandy beach. There are beach shorts and beach babes to confuse your search too. Also there’s absolutely no way to search high-definition images. In short, Instagram needs better filtering of images.

Vertical Scrolling… I Am Tired

It’s also about endless vertical scrolling in Instagram with images followed by hashtags, comments, people who’ve liked your posts and then… finally you could scroll to next media file. What if, we want to skip likes and comments by strangers? There’s should be simplicity in the interface to hide comments and may be a blend of horizontal and vertical scrolling to make it more enjoyable.

Tag Me to Not Ignore Me

I just loved my friends’ engagement pic and commented there to ask the wedding date and she replied me. But oops… she forgot to tag me in her reply. Sadly we don’t get a notification until we go back and check post. Notification tray needs a lot more improvement.

Activity; Here, There and Everywhere

Activity on media files shared is pretty clear in the notification drawer. Then, there are posts that you have shared sitting comfortably in My Profile window. But it’s a mess to check updates on photos you’ve liked, for that you need to open menu options. Messages sent and received are displayed in the Direct Messages section on top. But why confusing folks with multiple buttons and multiple places.

The Craze Called Instagram

As happy users of Instagram, we have a great time working on photos, applying filters, sharing them with friends and we simply love finding something new everyday. But the folks at Instagram should understand that there’s a lot of people that’s looking for these new UX improvements. Small tweaks here and there, can make experience more effective for Instagram lovers.

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