Is Real Time Just an Attractive Feature or Is It a Must Have?

What else can be better than a pizza to start with? Right from ordering a pizza to see it getting overloaded with cheese and smoked with your favorite toppings, then ending at receiving a pizza at your doorstep. That’s how the real-time cycle works.

Real time is in action everywhere, especially on social media. When you open Facebook and browse the news feed, if any of your friends has posted something new then it will be displayed in your ‘New stories’. Real-time technology is when you receive information as it happens. Here is all you need to know about real-time technology and why it’s a must have for your daily dirty habits.


Real-time technology has been there for long, but as it’s packaged with other features we failed to understand its significance. But you understand its value when your crush comments on your Facebook pic, and you so want to know it instantly.


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