Journey of Designing UX for a Gaming App Like Pokemon GO

The Gaming community is growing like the Pacific Ocean and we are a few crazy drops of it and these gaming apps are insanely addictive, hard to break away, once you start playing. This doesn’t apply to just kids, even adults are obsessed and this obsession is spinning millions of dollars for app makers. Look at Angry birds, Rovio is making money through everything, unveiling versions of the original game and licensing deals of every household items from cute fluffy soft toys to even t-shirts to even the recently released Angry Birds movie.

I’m sure many of us are planning to build similar crazy games that can pour more money into our bank accounts, but is the flashy interface good enough? The answer is ‘NO’, an intelligent user experience is the way to build the stickiness in your games that make your users come and play them again and again. Now, it comes down to HOW? What are the components we’ve to keep in mind while building one of these, let’s connect the dots?

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