Reality of Designing a WEARABLE App!

Comparisons make our life easier. I realized it recently when I happened to be on a backpackers trip to Europe with friends and somewhere amid watching the northern lights at Netherlands, my wrist watch started beeping. My friends teased me how I’m still stuck in the 90’s and set alarms on my watch. But they were surprised with what happened next.

My smartwatch was reminding me of my mom’s bday. Even after being 3 and half hours behind Indian timezone, it didn’t fail to remind me to send a gift to my mom. I tapped on one of the gift apps, and yay! Everything was done and I didn’t even have to take my smartphone out.

Gadgets and technologies have evolved significantly in the last few years and have taken different forms, some small and some really large. This has opened a lot of opportunities for UX designers. But at the same time have posed a bigger challenge among app makers to utilize the screen real estate in a much better and meaningful way. Let’s take a look at how a perfect smartwatch app can be designed.

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