Inkrypt forges partnership with Translo to provide secure decentralized hosting to healthcare

Inkrypt, a privacy-centric, decentralized content hosting platform, announces that it has signed a partnership agreement with Translo. Inkrypt will provide Translo with its censorship-resistant, secured cloud hosting services to secure shareable healthcare data on Translo’s permissioned access platform.

Inkrypt is devoted to providing secure and privacy-centric data hosting to its clients. It is a cloud-based hosting protocol that uses a decentralized storage architecture, blockchain technology, and an anonymity overlay to ensure secure, tamper-evident, and censorship-resistant hosting and delivery of data. Inkrypt’s privacy-centric network can be used to provide value to all industry verticals that are migrating to cloud computing such as healthtech, e-commerce, fintech, and social networking.

Translo, a decentralized bioinformatics platform geared towards sharing healthcare data, is on a mission to provide next generation tools for collaboration in healthcare research and interoperable healthcare data sharing. It is working to provide a permissioned access system and an interoperable format for various types of healthcare data, including electronic patient health records and genomic data. The data shared on the blockchain-based platform is ported from hospitals, research institutes, biopharma companies, and other data silos through an abstraction layer and is made available for permissioned use.

Through the partnership, Translo will allow Inkrypt to provide a secure hosting solution for its interoperable data, secure against hackers and those seeking unauthorized access. Additionally, Inkrypt and Translo will build a middleware that allows Translo to operate a data access request system and a searchability algorithm for Translo’s data on the Inkrypt network.

“Translo is tackling the fundamental flaw of data silos and lack of interoperable data formats in the healthcare and pharma industries. Enhanced collaboration and data sharing, in a unified format between these institutes, can revolutionize pharma and healthcare research and solve the dire issues we face in the fields of diagnostics, treatments and cure,” says Dr. Muhammad Ali Chaudhary, Co-Founder of Inkrypt. “Historically, concerns for patient privacy and data security have been prohibitive for such efforts. Using Inkrypt’s privacy-centric and secure data hosting network, Translo can really catapult healthcare and pharma research into the future.”

“Patient privacy, security of their data and permissioned access to information has been at the forefront of Translo’s mission,” says Kamran Z. Khan, Co-Founder and CEO of Translo. “We firmly believe that privacy is a fundamental human right, therefore our partnership with Inkrypt makes perfect sense. By utilizing Inkrypt’s robust storage infrastructure, we can focus our efforts on other key aspects of our development.”

About Inkrypt:

Inkrypt was founded in January 2018 and is an anonymous, decentralized cloud hosting solution that provides censorship-resistance, privacy, and data security. As a cloud hosting infrastructure that enterprises from every vertical, while leveraging their hosting needs, Inkrypt seeks to create an ecosystem of censorship-resistance and data security that provides integrations with synergistic protocols, also allowing decentralized applications to be built on top of it and enhancing value for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

About Translo:

Translo is a patient data sharing platform founded in 2018 with the mission to enhance collaboration in biomedical research and create benefits across time, cost, and risk in data sharing. The company is creating interoperability, incentives, and a decentralized mechanism for sharing data on a transparent and auditable exchange platform.