Inkslinger Magazine Newsletter #7

July 2022

Caitlin McColl
Inkslinger Magazine
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Welcome to the July Newsletter of Inkslinger Magazine where I put together a compilation of all the pieces I’ve written in the month in one place so you can pick and choose what you might be interested in reading (or find things you might have missed!).

This month, I’ve written 42 pieces — most of which have been from a new series I started up called ‘What If’. I also wrote a few random question pieces and a challenge piece along with my latest non-fiction (that isn’t a ‘what if’) about AI writing software where I do an experiment trying it out. I’ve also written two inspirational/motivational/pick-me-up pieces, two book reviews of psychic medium Tyler Henry’s two great books, and four pieces of poetry (because I post one piece every Friday).

So without further ado, here’s all the stuff I’ve written in the month of July. Let me know what you think! Are you enjoying my ‘what if’ series? I’m really enjoying answering the thought-provoking questions from my Scenario Cards and sharing my answers with you (read my ‘New ‘What If’ series at the start below to find out what the series is all about) and I hope you are too! And I’d love to hear your answers to the ‘what if’ questions as well!


New ‘What If’ Series!

What If…You Could Choose A Place And Time In History and Live There For A Year?

What If…You Could Pick A Song For Your Funeral?

What If…You Could Mention One Thing That Makes You Unique?

What If..You Could Pick 3 Words To Describe Yourself?

What If…You Could Lead Your Country For One Year?

What If…You Could Legalize One Thing For Everyone?

What If…You Didn’t Need Any Sleep?

What If…You Could Overcome A Fear?

What If…You Came With A Caution Label?

What If…You Could Work For One Manager Anywhere?

What If…You Had One Day To Live?

What If…You Had 25 Hours Instead Of 24?

What If…You Were Willed $1 Million Dollars To Donate To Charity?

What If…You Could Live For 200 Years?

What If…You Could Receive One Aspect of Someone’s Personality?

What If…You Could Change One Personality Trait?

What If…You Could Borrow An Animal Trait?

What If…You Could Wake Up With One Skill?

What If…You Could Replace A Bad Habit?

What If…You Could Give Everyone The Same Superpower?

What If…You Could Relive Your Earliest Memory?

What If…You Could Go One Place Right Now?

What If…You Were Going Deaf?

What If…Everyone Did One Specific Thing Daily?

What If…You Could Be A Child For 24 Hours?

What If…You Could Send A Brief Letter To Everyone?

What If…Time Stood Still?

What If …You Could Ban One Thing?

Random Non-Fiction Stuff

Are You Free? Or Are You Captive?

Who Do You Trust Most?

What’s Your Go-To Read On Medium?

Open Your Veins — a writing challenge

An AI Written Article Experiment


The World Sucks Right Now

Every Day Is A Gift



The Tides



Book Reviews

Book Review: Between Two Worlds — Lessons From The Other Side By Tyler Henry

Book Review: Here & Hereafter — How Wisdom from the Departed Can Transform Your Life Now By Tyler Henry

And that’s it for this month! Hope you’ve found some interesting reads from this compilation! Take care and be well.

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