Inkslinger Newsletter #6

June 2022

Caitlin McColl
Inkslinger Magazine
3 min readJun 30, 2022


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Wow. I didn’t realize how lax I had been with my writing this month! Only 12 pieces in total — 9 nonfiction, 2 poetry, and 1 guest story spotlight!

No thanks to being felled for a good few weeks by a mysterious virus/illness that may or may not have been Covid (since I tested negative 4 times and my doctor, somehow, magically, came to the conclusion that he didn’t think I had Covid but instead some nasty strain of something else that’s been going around — since everyone’s immune systems for the generic annual colds and flus has been totally shot thanks to the pandemic and (most) everyone wearing masks and avoiding people for a good year and a half — and now we’re paying the price, it seems! By the poor ‘ol cold (and flu) viruses being able to now pack a bigger punch at us.

TL;DR as the kids say these days, I haven’t felt up to writing as prolifically as I usually do!

But without further ado, here’s the round-up of my writings for the month of June

Non Fiction

Summer In The City — Doesn’t seem to be a shadow — where I write about our summer weather finally making an appearance, a day after the summer solstice (and in fact, we were graced by our first mini-heatwave of the summer for 3 days with temps reaching 34 degrees (Celcius, which is…I don’t know what it is offhand in Fahrenheit, so if you’re American you’ll have to look it up). It was pretty toasty, though, because air conditioning isn’t the norm here since it doesn’t normally get too much over 30 in the summer.

Should You Live Your Life By The 3 Gates? — Is it even relevant in today’s world? — as one reader pointed out, this is basically a long-winded way of saying ‘think before you speak’.

A Reminder That You Are Enough — Why? Because you’re unique — I was feeling a bit…insecure or…not worth or….my self-esteem was low this day so I needed a bit of a peptalk from myself.

The Benefits Of Slowing Down — Even if it’s forced… — me actually taking a break to be sick. And not working! Well, not much

Help Me With A New Tattoo Idea! — Finding words that speak to me — Still trying to decide on my next tattoo (I have 3 already by the way…). What do you think of this idea?

Like A Phoenix, Rising From The Ashes! — I’m back! (mostly) — me writing about feeling mostly better from my whatever I had Covid/Not Covid/Who knows illness

What Do You Like Most About Your Life? — Questions to ask to learn more about yourself — another of my ‘questions to ask yourself’ series

Please Excuse My Brief Hiatus From Medium — Thanks, Covid… — sigh. Covid sucks. ‘Nuff said.

What Would You Ask A Crystal Ball? — Questions to ask to learn more about yourself — A thought-provoking piece. What would you ask?


Jack — inspired by a famous historical figure

The Pool — a creepy poem


Spotlight #21 — Recovery, Poetry, Fiction — stories courtesy of Denise Estey Lindquist. I’ve kind of put this on hold for now, my guest spotlight…until I get up to speed with writing regularly again. But you can always check them all out here in my Guest Stories section of my Inkslinger Magazine publication.

And that’s all folks for the month of June! Thanks for checking out my monthly round-up of my writing and I hope you enjoy them!

Wanna check ‘good deed for the day’ off your to-do list? You can — simply by joining Medium (for $5/month or $50/year) via my referral link below at no extra cost to you (but I do get a small commission). It not only supports me but thousands of other writers at the same time — and it allows you to read unlimited content! (And if you do, you have my unending thanks and gratitude!)

And if you’re into writing about mental health or mindfulness then check out my Mindful Mental Health publication that’s accepting writers! Or my newest publication Penny Press which you can learn more about via the link. Inkslinger Magazine is my personal publication which has fiction and nonfiction.

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