Inkslinger Newsletter #8

August 2022

Caitlin McColl
Inkslinger Magazine
3 min readSep 1, 2022


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Welcome to August’s newsletter, friends!

This month, I wrote a lot — with my now not-so-new ‘What If…’ series continuing daily — which I hope to continue every day as I work my way through the Scenario cards.

The majority of articles I wrote were part of my ‘What If…’ series, with 32 entries. But I also wrote one piece of Fiction (the first in a while!) as part of a flash fiction writing challenge, 8 various non-fiction pieces (including 3 for my new publication Beautiful Choices) and 2 poems.

So if you think you might’ve missed some of my writings over the month, here they are in one handy-dandy easy to view list all in one place!

I hope you enjoy whatever you decide to choose to read of my writings and as always, I appreciate you all, my fellow readers! Thanks for reading and ’til next time, take care of yourselves! (Oh, and happy September!)


What If…You Could Teach The World Something From Yourself?

What If…You Could Thank A Teacher Who’s Made An Impact On You?

What If…You Could Read Anyone’s Secret Journals?

What If…You Could Have 30 Minutes To Discuss Anything With Anyone?

What If…You Could Take Classes From Anyone Who Has Ever Lived?

What If…You Could Write Your One Year Future Self A Message?

What If…You Had To Relive 15 Minutes Until The End Of Time?

What If…You Could Meet Your Former Self From Years Ago?

What If…You Could Ask Your Closest Friend Anything?

What If…You Could Ask A Question To Everyone On Earth?

What If…You Could Comprehend 2 Things In Detail?

What If…Anyone Could Be Your Mentor/Coach?

What If…You Could Erase One Lie You’ve Told?

What If…You Could Ask Your Future Self One Question?

What If…You Got A Report Card For Your Life?

What If…You Got A Publishing Deal to Write A Book Of Your Choice?

What If…You Could Be An Expert In One Thing?

What If…You Could Be Guaranteed The Correct Answer To Any Question?

What If…You Could Listen In On Any Conversation?

What If…You Could Commission A Song About Yourself?

What If…You Could Write A Book With Any Other Author?

What If…Your Life Was Made Into A Documentary — Would You Watch It?

What If…You Could Be One Age Forever?

What If…You Could Tell Your 10-Year Younger Self Something You Know Now?

What If…You Could Recommend Any Book?

What If…You Could Read Anyone’s Thoughts?

What If…You Could Solve Any Problem In The World

What If…You Could Change One Thing About Your Early Years?

What If…You Could Have A Drink With Any Fictional Character?

What If…Today Was Your Last Chance To Uplift The World?

What If…You Could Remove One Form Of Prejudice — What Would You Get Rid Of?

What If…You Could Talk To Your Parents Before You Were Born?

Non Fiction

Being An Asshat Is A Choice

Your Environment Is A Choice

Worry Is A Choice

Make Beautiful Choices — Start Here

170 Bite Sized Life Lessons

Do You React Before You Think? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

The Truth About Astral Vampires

Things To Look Out For When Editing Your Writing


Beautiful Choices


Nightstalker 1

Modern Warrior

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