Jumping On The Biscoff Bandwagon

Caitlin McColl
Inkslinger Magazine
2 min readNov 26, 2022

Photo by Anfal Shamsudeen on Unsplash

First off, I know that I’m late to the party. Not a surprise. I always seem to find out about things way, way later than everyone else (mostly because I’m in my own little isolated bubble world of yoga, meditation, reading, writing, editing, and of course, eating. That’s basically me).

I’m fairly certain the whole Biscoff spread thing has been a ‘thing’ for a while now. But it’s only just recently entered…

I’ve Reached My Third (Self Imposed) Weight Loss Goal!

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May 3

Proof That You CAN* Eat What You Want And Still Lose Weight

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Apr 29

How Nature Helps Mental Health

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Apr 25

Ugh. Weightloss Stalling SUCKS.

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Apr 21

I’m A Zombie. Are You One Too?

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Apr 13

2 Months Into My Weightloss Journey

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Apr 10

My Weightloss Journey Continues

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Mar 29

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction — Week 7

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Feb 14

Argh! I’ve Regained 73lbs I Lost 10 Years Ago!

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Feb 12

The Importance of Interconnectedness

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Jan 17

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