Radio Silence — Part 6

A post apocalyptic series

Photo by Tobias Seiler on Unsplash

Memories are a strange thing. They’re like movies that you can watch in your head, on repeat. Watching them over and over again. But they can also betray you. Somehow, sometimes they aren’t exactly how you remember them. Little things change. Or you imagine things happening that didn’t actually happen the way you think they did.



Showcasing non-fiction, fiction (fantasy, sci fi, mystery, steampunk and dystopian) and poetry. Want to guest your pieces in my pub? Read the pinned article for more info! Want to support me? Buy me a coffee https://ko-fi.com/caitlinmccollauthor

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Caitlin McColl

Caitlin McColl

I write about mental health, the future, grief & loss, mindfulness, general life musings (+ fiction and poetry!). ❤️coffee & dogs. 🇨🇦