The Nightstalker

A fiction short story

Annie’s eyes shot open, and she stared at her bedroom ceiling in the pitch dark of night, the image of a barn owl tattoo still floating in front of her eyes as if it were seared in her brain. She blinked rapidly a few times and the image slowly faded. Like when you accidentally stare straight at the sun and have the brightness etched in your vision until it



Showcasing non-fiction, fiction (fantasy, sci fi, mystery, steampunk and dystopian) and poetry. Want to guest your pieces in my pub? Read the pinned article for more info! Want to support me? Buy me a coffee

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Caitlin McColl

I write about mental health, the future, grief & loss, mindfulness, general life musings (+ fiction and poetry!). ❤️coffee & dogs. 🇨🇦