Inktober 2020
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Inktober 2020

Intro to our Inktober

Inktober is a challenge in which people share an ink drawing inspired by official prompts every day in October. What if, instead of publishing the works from only one person, we would share works from different people in one space? And not only drawings, but also paintings, murals, digital art, poems and music?

Petra (Erratic engineeress) and Matt (Cowboys from space) have created this publication with the desire to show how a word can assume different shapes. Ink or paint that dances on the paper. A string that vibrates. A word that calls other words and creates poetry.

If you would like to participate and create with us, we invite you to submit your work and share in the October creative spirit. We’ll be posting works from everyone who participates once a week and will choose some prompts from the official Inktober words for our weekly posts. However, if you would like to submit your work inspired by another of the Inktober words, we can consider that too!

P.S.: Obviously this is not intended to steal attention away or profit from the original Inktober in any way, we’d just like to inspire other artists and writers to create something new during October and collect it in one spot for motivation.

Publication cover image: “Jonathan” by Sia (@schizzi.sia)




Sharing creativity in different forms from different people. Feel free to submit your work! Cover image by Sia

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Matt Supertramp

Matt Supertramp

I love listening to a lot of music, taking pictures and drinking coffee. Sometimes I try to find stories for Cowboys from space, sometimes I get lost somewhere.

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