Inktober 2020
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Inktober 2020

Time is running out for STORM

It’s the calm before the storm — one day left to submit your STORM creative contributions!

As Matt and I announced last week, we’ll be accepting creative submissions for the word STORM until this Friday (Friday included, of course). So, let us know if you’d like to participate: respond to any of these stories, drop us a message on social media or get in contact in any other way and we’ll add your contributions even if you don’t have a Medium account. :)

If you write on Medium and you want to take part contact us to be added as a publication writer, feel free to submit your STORM story/poem/art to this publication and we’ll publish it in the following days, starting from Friday.

Until then, here’s a photo for inspiration:



Sharing creativity in different forms from different people. Feel free to submit your work! Cover image by Sia

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