23 Human Adoption Slogans to Throw on a Tee

Stumped on where to start? We’ve got some lovely ideas to jumpstart your fundraising journey!

You know when you’re having writers block and you just can’t come up with something catchy to put on your t-shirt?

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Already in my heart, someday in my hands.
  2. Love makes a family.
  3. Not expected, selected.
  4. Love has no limits.
  5. Worth the wait.
  6. They chose me.
  7. One less (lonely) orphan.
  8. Adopt, don’t shop OR Adopt, don’t stop.
  9. Ad❤pt.
  10. EquALLy Human.
  11. I love _____, because _____ gave me you.
  12. Love runs stronger than blood.
  13. Adoption is the new pregnancy.
  14. Respecting human rights.
  15. Officially somebody’s.
  16. I am valued.
  17. Chosen child.
  18. Parenthood requires love, not DNA.
  19. Not defined by our genes.
  20. Grown in the heart, not the tummy.
  21. In love with a child I haven’t met.
  22. Family ever after.
  23. Lifetime squad member.
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