SPOTLIGHT: Missy’s Message, “It’s about being kind to EVERYONE”

We’re thrilled to have the pleasure of working alongside Missy, an avid Ink campaign creator, in helping her, help others. She has strategically designed t shirts in response to issues she cares about, and an eagerness to do something about it.

“I believe art can be very healing and connect people, so what better way to get a message out than with a tee shirt?”

People are motivated to raise money for a variety of reasons; a sick family member, animal related cause, or social justice issues. But Missy stands out among the rest. She hasn’t tackled one issue, but multiple. For example, she donated art to a fundraiser for the struggling Native Americans in South Dakota who were protesting the controversial pipeline.

What drives Missy to create t-shirt fundraisers is more than her devotion to art — it is her commitment to people. Her previous campaigns have stretched across a wide range of issues. From a Tennessee based Pig Preserve, Breast Cancer awareness walks and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), she’s constantly inspired to give back and support those in need.

“Love Louder,” by Missy Kay via Ink to the People

Her latest fundraising campaign directly reflects her vibrant energy. After seeing much success, she relaunched her current campaign, “Love Louder” and proceeds raised go directly to the HRC. Missy shared with us what prompted her enthusiasm…

“This last election seemed so very divisive and some of my best friends in the world feel genuinely nervous and threatened. I thought I could design a tee shirt to let them know that they are not alone.”

We love Missy. Her dedication to giving back and making the world a better place is more than fulfilling, it’s admirable. With a giving spirit, she encompasses all that Ink stands for — to allow our users a platform that makes it easy and hassle-free to raise money for causes of special significance to them.

And her goal is simple. It’s about “being more kind, more purposefully, more often.”

Keep it up, Missy!

Your fans at Ink ❤

You can see more of Missy’s inspirational artwork here.