The Story of Ink

Some things are better left unsaid. This is not one of those things.

Once upon a time, nestled just north of Milwaukee, Jay and Todd were looking to embark on a new journey. The apparel printing company founders sought out a path that catered towards their audience best interests. As they examined their years of experiences, they knew what they had to do. So they put their personal agendas aside and Ink to the People was born.

They haven’t looked back since.

Alright, it didn’t go exactly like that but you get the idea. The brother-in-law duo founded a wildly successful t-shirt company called Visual Impressions. Their impressive ability to establish an apparel printing company lead them to a lot of unexpected insight. As they grew their business into the 100,000-square-foot factory it currently resides in, they noticed a pattern — a large amount of their clients were ordering t-shirts for fundraising efforts.

So in an attempt to better accompany their clients needs, they spent two years building and developing a platform that served as the solution.

And, voila! Ink to the People was born.

Now flashback to 2013. While on a campus-wide lock down, three Emerson college students created the “Boston Strong” t-shirts, putting Ink on the map. The young adults were motivated to be active in a time of despair, ultimately landing them on our page.

Our office has a running joke of this sudden influx because it was the moment the company took off, literally. That night at 10 PM the first t-shirt was printing and the days that followed they saw an unexpected rise in traction. The campaign was reaching people all over the greater Boston area and even more than that, on a national and international level. The fundraiser united communities all over the world who felt the same as those three Emerson students. The souls that felt hopeless, helpless and active all at the same time. With the t-shirt, supporters could wear their message and donate to the One Fund Boston at the same time.

So to say the least, those first few days were filled with expectations and doubt. It was a skeptical type of optimism. Was Boston Strong an outlier? Could this ever happen again? The months that followed were hectic for the then two person operation. Locked in the office all summer, they found themselves helping their users to the best of their abilities. They weren’t looking to replicate Boston Strong, or to grow in any way, but to just get by.

Then 2016 came and it was filled with an admirable determination to succeed. After years of sustaining themselves, the Ink team decided they needed more. Collectively, they reviewed their past years work and brainstormed how to be better in the future. Although it was a tough decision, they decided to rebrand themselves — selecting new colors, creating a different logo and designing a website that reflected both of those. Still they realized they needed more to grow their team and bring it to the place they wanted it to be at. They needed commitment, urgency and love. So two-person operation searched for young, enthused adults eager to work for a start-up. That’s when I showed up.

This year Ink can easily be associated with the popular mantra, “New Year, New Me.” Our t-shirt fundraising platform has high hopes for the months that follow. We’ve made many resolutions, all of which encompass our determination to be better each and every day while striving to offer users the best platform with unbeatable customer service.

I’ll be the first person to tell you that Ink to the People isn’t perfect because that implies that we’re never changing, always constant. Rather, Ink is perfectly imperfect. Allowing our users to drive our improvements, we aim to be better than we were the day before. We move forward.

In a world where nothing is certain, Ink is motivated to put itself at the forefront of your thoughts. Your go-to tool to make a difference. The number one source of inspiration.

So Todd and Jay venture on, continuing to give their users all that they can. Working tirelessly to provide the best experiences with a competitive level of transparency. They started Ink to the People with that goal in mind and it hasn’t been the same since.

And the story lives on…

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