THROWBACK: Fourth Estate Summit & Invisible Children — Custom T-Shirts

The custom t-shirt experts here at Ink to the People were fortunate enough to participate in the 2013 Fourth Estate Summit on UCLA’s campus. Ink to the People printed and donated 1,800 custom designed t-shirts for every attendee. These tees were also worn for a filming of a unity triangle.

Invisible Children (IC) is a non-profit organization which has dedicated its existence to the eradication of the LRA led by Joseph Kony in Africa. It all started with a trip for three young men who were shocked to see and hear how this one man had destroyed the lives of millions of people in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and parts of Sudan. This single organization has done an incredible job building an infrastructure in Uganda and the other affected countries with over 100 employees on the ground who are improving the lives of so many individuals.

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The Fourth Estate custom designed t-shirts were used during the filming of a choreographed piece by founder Jason Russell. It is this type of creativity and outreach which has catapulted Invisible Children to very high visibility to their supporters, the UN and our government. Bills have been passed over the last few years because of Invisible Children’s persistence in bringing the LRA to the forefront of issues which must be dealt with. We are proud and thankful to have forged a new relationship with an incredible organization. It is amazing how little most of us know about the atrocities going on elsewhere in the world. We need to pull together more often and make a difference.

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Ink to the People’s involvement at the Fourth Estate Summit was paired with Nick, Chris, and Lane from the Boston Strong custom t-shirt fundraising campaign. They were invited to showcase their immensely successful t-shirt fundraising campaign that helped the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Through their savvy marketing, mostly embracing Facebook and Twitter along with their extreme passion to help those innocent individuals, they raised over $1,000,000. This donation was presented to the Mayor of Boston that June. Since then, the funds have found their way in to the hands of the victims to help pay their medical bills and beyond. They sold their recognizable royal blue custom t-shirt with bold yellow letters proclaiming “Boston Strong.” They started a movement. Loyal Bostonians from all over the world have purchased and supported Boston Strong’s campaign using the Ink to the People website, reaching close to 60,000 shirts as of today.

Ink to the People is a unique platform that allows you to crowdfund custom t-shirts and apparel. It’s a great tool to raise funds and awareness. Custom designed t- shirts are a great medium since they deliver a message continuously and are great swag.

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