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Zack Snyder and fans use Ink to the People Over and Beyond!

Zack Snyder is an American filmmaker who is currently responsible for the upcoming cut of Justice League, coming this March! Using Ink to the People, Zack raised money and awareness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. “All the Gods” is the most well-known design among the fans.

Back in early 2017, Zack Snyder’s daughter passed away by suicide. Suicide can stem from depression, a mental illness characterized by depressed moods, loss of interest in activities, and social distress. It is a disorder that one can not be blamed for. Today, many people have to come together to help those in need. We must change today’s outlook on how we view mental illnesses.

After Zack Snyder stepped down from Justice League, the movie was later finished with last-minute touches, making it a “flop.” As time moved forward, fans continued to support Zack and his work. The fandom grew, supporting him by raising awareness for Suicide Prevention at events worldwide in memory of Autumn Synder. Fans were using Ink to the People before the Justice League journey took off.

Ink to the People is a t-shirt fundraising platform. 100% free to use and no hassles for a person. The platform gives the user the opportunity to upload or create designs on garments for a cause. A simple launch from the user and Ink to the People does the rest. They take care of printing shirts, folding, and shipping them out to the user’s supporters.

All the Gods

As the New Year began in 2019, Zack Snyder launched a shirt on Ink to the People. The famous All the Gods. The t-shirt campaign started slow and began to pick up over the year. By the time the first launch ended, the shirt had already raised USD 69,000.00 for AFSP! This design is still active and is still raising money for the foundation. This shirt is special because it carries a story, easter eggs relating to the Justice League history, and some other references. The back of the shirt also contains a quote from

Joseph Campbell, “All the Gods, All the Heavens, All the Hells, are within you.”

ArtCenter t-shirt designed by Alex Pardee

Later in February, the Art Center t-shirt was launched, ending it with around USD 19,500.00! This design’s hard work was Alex Pardee, a freelance artist who is well-known for his unique style. This design was for a 3-day special event of Zack Snyder’s cuts; Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen, and Batman VS Superman. The design itself was to combine all of the cuts. All of the proceeds went to refurbishing one of the Art Center’s auditoriums. As supporters continued to love the design, the tee continues to stay active, raising funds for AFSP.

The famous original Zack Snyder’s JL shirts and hoodies were launched in late December 2019. An official JL Logo for the upcoming Justice League 2021 sits on the front of the garments. Hoodies contained the Hero’s logos going down both sleeves, while the t-shirts had the logos going across them. Lastly, on the back, “Never Faced us Before, Not us United,” a quote believed to be said in the upcoming movie. Once this launch ended, it raised USD 32,00.00! With a couple more launches, the campaign sits around $52,700.00+. With the New Year upon us, the campaign has now been re-launched and will continue to sell until further notice.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

In July of 2020, a virtual convention aired on Youtube through July 25th and the 26th. At the beginning of July, the merchandise was launched on Ink to the People before the event, Justice Con 2020, and USD 4200.00 raised for AFSP. The virtual convention spoke with special speakers; Ray Porter, Jay Oliva, Ray Fisher, AFSP, and many others. Zack and Deborah Snyder were also live, and let’s not forget Todd from Ink to the People! Special Thanks to The Nerd Queens and WonderMeg for hosting!

Justice Con Merchandise for JusticeCon 2020
Zack Snyder tweeting a picture wearing JL — Associate Producer Shirt.

During Zack’s spotlight on Justice Con 2020, he announced a limited shirt, “#TheSnyderCut,” known as the “JL Associate Producer.” It was given to the first 100 fans on the DC platform as a raffle, then later launched on Ink to the People making it open to all fans. This shirt was symbolized as a ‘thank you’ and celebrated the amazing, dedicated fans in making this cut a reality. The campaign raised around USD 70,000.00 in late Fall. It has been confirmed you can not get this design anymore and will not be launched in the future. The Associate Producer tee also had a change in Ink to the People’s branding tag, saying, “Crafted for people who help save lives. Made with 100% heroism”. The back contained the words “Associate Producer” with a small white box, allowing fans to add their names. Rumor has it there was going to be a video or post about how fans could add their names in a cool way. But nothing has been confirmed yet.

Darkseid — Designed by Alex Pardee.

Darkseid campaign was up for a limited time, only making it close to Christmas. Credit goes to the artist, Alex Pardee. This design was revealed on The Nerd Queens Youtube Channel, where Zack was a guest talking about various topics and mentioning the ideal look of Darkseid. Revealing on his phone, the artwork was shown then was later launched on Ink to the People to raise awareness for AFSP. The back is a quote, “All of Existence Shall be Mine,” and a famous JL Logo’s on the left sleeve.

This amazing shirt was a project for Ink to the People. It had a total of 8 screens to produce and run on the huge automatic press. The team did their very best practicing social distancing and worked as fast as possible with the team’s limited staff. Once the campaign closed, it raised around USD 32,000.00 The Darkseid shirt campaign has also been confirmed that it will not be re-launched in the future for it was for a limited time only.

As we hit 2021, fans have raised around USD $290,000.00+ for AFSP, and counting!

As the fans continued to support the project and AFSP, they had also launched their own shirts on Ink to the People’s platform to help raise awareness for causes they were passionate about. Fans have been using the platform before and during Zack’s campaigns. Ink to the People was delighted to bring the DC fans to the platform giving the team more opportunities to try new things! They are working hard to get something new soon and hope more dedicated people come to use the platform to raise awareness for their passion. Anyone can raise money for anything!

Power to the Fans!

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