Envisioning Canvas — a Collaborative Tool to Create Visions

What is the Canvas?

The canvas is a collaborative tool to create a vision based on an idea. We use this canvas in group interviews and in workshops. It is a way to guide stakeholders and end users to develop ideas further, thinking about:

  1. Why we need to develop this idea (values + link to organization strategy),
  2. What is the current situation that we want to change (problem statement),
  3. What is the expertise and people needed to make it happen (commitment and involvement),
  4. What are the next steps in the implementation process (pilot or prototype) and
  5. What is this idea in a nutshell (solution + value proposition).

How to use it?

Print the canvas in A1. The square spaces are the same size as the normal post-its (76mm X 76mm). The value proposition needs rectangular post its (76mm X 127mm).

Place the canvas horizontally or vertically on a surface for the group to work with. Give markers and post-its to the participants.

What happens after completing the canvas?

We have developed a template for a slide deck based on this canvas. Therefore, after the group completes the canvas, they can easily do a slide deck to present the proposal to managers or other stakeholders that need to approve and give feedback to it. This slide deck is the basis of the presentation.

Why do we develop this canvas?

We wanted a quick way to elaborate ideas coming from Ideation workshops. It is important to get feedback immediately from others in our organization that did not participate in creating the original idea.

This is a part of Inland Design efforts to facilitate the co-creation of ideas in the organization, articulating our innovation process and making it more transparent.

Please, contact us if you would like the Finnish version of the canvas. Or if you have an idea on how to improve it. It will be also nice to hear if you have use it.

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