Inland Team: Kristin

What were you doing before joining Migri?

After graduating with my Bachelor’s in “Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management,” I went to work for Microsoft as a program manager in Seattle, WA, USA for 8 years. Over the last few years I have been on a pursuit of finding a new pivot for my career and have dabbled in new areas along the way: social services, advocacy work, event planning, editing. In a nutshell, I’m currently completing my Master’s in Business Strategy at Aalto University, and complementing those studies with multidisciplinary and human-centered project courses focused on design thinking and service design. Two years ago I helped found The Shortcut — a community-based nonprofit organization helping integrate immigrants and asylum seekers into Finland and in particular to entrepreneurship. As of January, I’ve just wrapped up my very last official courses for my Master’s — completing a Minor in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of Helsinki.

Why did you come to Migri?

I’m extremely passionate about the application of design thinking methodologies applied in the public sector. Product, service and process design can learn so much from the design discipline — first and foremost by putting your user in the forefront and the center of your work. The opportunity to come to Inland Studios in Migri as a Service Designer Intern/Thesis Worker was the perfect next step for me! I am very excited about the opportunity to work alongside Mariana and Susanne, learn from their great expertise, and help build a strategic global network of designers in immigration roles around the world.

How do you want to work in Inland?

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about design thinking and service design methodologies is the human-centric nature of the work. Service design highly values empathy, collaboration and co-creation. Long before I had heard the term “service design,” these were values I preferred in teamwork. I’m really looking forward to working as a team in Inland, grounded by these values for the work we will do, and also how we will do that work. Most of my career has been in engineering firms and engineering-oriented mindsets and working styles. I’m very excited to learn as much as I can with designers, learning new methods and new ways of doing things. And most importantly, I’m very excited to work with our users to develop services, processes, networks, and/or strategies that directly meet their needs and desires.

How do you envision Inland in the future?

In the future, I see Inland as the leading team in Migri to transform services and processes to truly put the user at the center of the process. Processes and services are innovative, simplified, intuitive, easy to engage in and to manage. Inland has a fantastic opportunity to lead and be an example of cross-sector integration and collaboration for immigration services.

What do you do when you’re not working in Inland?

I have a pretty serious love for sci-fi/fantasy books, so I may be curled up on the couch with my cat Bella, lost in a book. I love to craft — from sewing, bead-work, cross-stitch — I get great satisfaction for making just about anything from scratch. I love to play board games with my husband and friends — the more complicated and strategic the better!

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